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Back in the game.

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Hello, I'm Rob Dorneman.
I started playing many years ago, but due to some life events (marriage and a child) I decided to take a brief hiatus. Well, about five years later (yeah, brief :laugh:), I'm back.
I got my start with Fantasy, and a small army of chaos. It wasn't long before I had somehow ended up with thousands of points of chaos, as well as some Dark Angels and Orks for 40K, a lot of Gorkamorka stuff, a small foray into Blood Bowl, a huge Undead Warmaster army, and a bunch of Mordheim warbands.

(now the painful part)

Sometime during my break from the gaming, I needed some cash. A long story short, just about everything's gone now. I only kept my Mordheim stuff.
Oh well, this gives me a chance to start fresh and try some new armies.

Right now I'm about to start a Carnival of Chaos warband in Mordheim, and Chaos in 40k.
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be cool to see you pull what you have together welcome to heresy
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