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Back for 7th Edition: Militarum Tempestus incoming

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Hey everyone :)

How's it all going?

Yea, I've been a bit vacant these last few months I'll admit, been a lot going on in my life outside of the hobby. But after a few months re-settling again into a new house with my other half, got back in touch with a few gaming friends and we've all started a new force for 7th Edition. My choice?? Something not power armoured for once :shok:

I saw the Tempestus Scions models and thought I had to get some of them! Bought the codex, a few boxes of Scions and a Taurox prime and i've started my 'Ground Assault' Formation from the Codex.

Here are a few WIP photos of them built and ready for primer / basecoating:

Tempestus Prime / Command Squad:

Command Squad Taurox Prime:

Scions Squad 1:

Scions Squad 2:

Apologies for the bad photos, they were just to show really that they were ready for primer. I'll post proper pictures once done. I'm going for a dark grey / silver armour with a green drab fatigues look. Should look quite good!

There will be a third Scion squad to complete the formation, and all the current scions squads will be 10 strong and have their own Taurox tanks too.

Anyway hope you all enjoy, glad to be back, and hope to see the regular names around the place

Cheers :)
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Loving this. Starting to get a twitch in my wallet to make these models into a bad-ass Henchman squad of Acolytes for Coteaz.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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