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BA codex - Possible Iron Hands codex??

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Just got to thinking of how the iron hands work and thought of the BA as a possible codex for them. some of the things would be :

Techmarine HQ - librarian - blood lance could be conversion beamer, sanguine sword could be the servo harness attacks.

Sanguinary priests - iron Priests - rallying the marines to greater strength, feel no pain could be like mega bionics.

Sanguinary guard - all artificer armour or lots of bionics signalling their 2+ armour and glaives.

Also land raiders as dedicated transports, predators in both fast attack and heavy support as well as a bucket load of dreadnought options showing the whole love the machine style.

What do you think??
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No, the units don't make much sense for IH. The best for them is still the vin.
honestly the normal marine codex is perfectly fine for iron hands, if you use the BA codex it just looks like using a more powerful codex for the sake of it, or just because everyone else has.

heck these days actually using the marine codex for a codex chapter makes your army extremely unique, considering even ultramarine players are using the BA and SW codex these days.

I'm waiting for the day nid players start doing it and try to justify it.
reread the marine codex and yeah you;re probably right.... Just A thought with my techmarine model was all hehehe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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