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BA and Razors, why?

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Could any experience BA player or anyone who knows about this tactic (RB/5RAS) to explain the reasoning behind this kind of play? I understand they have protection now instead of Jump packing around cover and they can move 18" instead now...but here are the questions I have about these sort of Mech lists:

*Sorry that there are so many questions, it's just I really think these lists look cool and would like to know more about them before I invest in buying all these RB's.*

1) Is there a reason to only field 5x RAS (regular assault squad) in the RB's? Why don't they go in 10s so you can have 2 Meltas or something per RB?

2) Some lists do a SGT with Power Fist in each RB and others go Melta and others do Flamers. What's the best way to equip these 5 man RAS units?

3) Why upgrade the RB's with TL-something? @ 11 armor sides and front theyll pretty much get shot down really fast then

4) With all these small squads how do you use them efficiently...Do you move all your RBs to the same location and swarm people with the RAS guys in 2-3 RBs? If you spread out your guys will only be attacking in groups of 5...

5) Why do most of these lists not have any Sang Priests? I've played with 10 man RAS units + Sang Priests and Sang Priests seem to give so much more to RAS units strengths.

6) Those experience with fighting or playing with this list what is the best heavy support/ fire support for them? Devastators? I have 1 Baal Pred right now and 1 Reg Pred. I'm thinking of convering the Reg Pred to a Baal and using 2x Baal Preds with TLAC + HB sponsoons.

7) Are RAS units + your support fire (Baals/Devs) enough? Almost none of these lists have any Elites anywhere. Some run 1 Dreadnaught or so but why nothing else? Terminators in LR, DC in RBs?

8) Last question I think... How do these lists cover objectives with no truely great range in the small 5 man RAS units. Swap in some Sniper Scouts or what?

Whoever helps me out thank you so much for your time. I know it's a lot of questions! >_<
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assault cannons can basically deal with anything effectively, from lowly guardsmen right up to heavy tanks although at both ends of the scale you lose a little effectiveness. Then again you dont really need to care that much, since all the assault units inside can deal with guardsmen or equivalent units without much difficulty and if each of them contains a meltagun then any heavy tanks (eg land raiders) on the board will be getting fried.

The main bonus of this sort of list is survivability. To destroy your troops the neemy will need to destroy 6 vehicles and then take out 30 marines, which is not an easy combo to do (I used to use 3 rhinos in 1500pts and rarely lost more then 1-2), especially when you back them up with more armour all over the field. I'm not really that familiar with the exact options for BA but (if possible) then taking out Dallas_Drake's MM attack bikes and replacing them with land speeders with MM would make it even nastier, confronting the enemy with 14 vehicles and zero infantry means that for large portions of the game a lot of his guns will be pretty ineffectual... while those armies with good anti-tank capabilities tend to not have a massive number of them (eg Tau might only have 1 unit of broadsides and a couple hammerheads for main anti-tank, plus some battlesuits later on.... by which time you'll easily be in their lines).
I used to run mech-wolves with about 9-10 vehicles (3 rhino, 1 razorback, 1 ven dread, 1 dread, 1 LS storm -4th ed SW- a vindi, a LS tornado and a drop pod for a dread) and nothing outside of transports and even then I dont think I ever really had a problem of not reaching the enemy before anti-tank started to be a problem... with this list you'll get there far quicker and have far more vehicles to split the enemy firepower.
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