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Librarian – Shield of Sanguinius, blood lance – 100pts

Sanguinary Priest – Jump pack - 75pts

Assault Squad A – X10, Powerfist, X2 meltaguns – 235pts

Assault Squad B – X10, lightning claw, flamer – 210pts

Assault Squad C – X10, power fist, X2 meltagun, no jump packs – 235pts
Land Raider Crusader – multimelta, extra armour – 240pts

Assault Squad D – X5, no Jump packs – 100pts
Razorback – twin-linked Lascannon – 55pts

Baal Predator – twin-linked Assault cannon, sponson Heavy Bolters – 145pts

Attack Bike Squadron – X2, multimeltas – 100pts

Dreadnought – X2 twin-linked Autocannons – 120pts

Predator – Autocannon turret, Lascannon sponsons – 135pts

TOTAL – 1750pts

newest style of my list. works pretty well as I can make a pretty powerful defensive firebase with some solid counter attackers or an all out assault force that basically makes the opponent unsure what to attack
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