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I.Astorath 1
II.master chap 1

I.Preist 1
-p.w 1

I.death company 10
-p.w 2
-Crusader 1
-multi-melta 1
II.Death Company 9
-p.w 3
-p.p 1
-jump pack 9
-lemartes 1
III.Assault 10
-flamer 1
-melta 1
-p.w 1
-rhino 1

Fast Attack
I.baal pred 1
-inferno 1
-heay bolter 1
II.Baal Pred 1
-inferno 1
-heavy bolter 1

Asto goes with lem. Master chap goes with land raider death company. priest joins the assault squad (cheaper death comp). the objective is to crush the opp. between the two death company's if that doesn't work then the hopefully the deep striking death company will flush some enemy's forward. the baal pred's are outriders for my death company in that they will catch any enemy units that try and run towards the edges. the assault squad is to provide support the the land raider and to hold a objective if need be.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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