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AWG (Armadale War-Games)

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yeh we have a pretty cool club has bout 50-60 members and the leader of our club gary won the perth GT
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if anyone in perth western australia sort of area wants to come to our club in westfield feel free its at westfield harold king community center starts at 10am on saturday morning and finishes at 2pm saturday afternoon on some occasions may have an extended gaming day wich can go from anywhere betwen 9am till 5pm(people will usually be informed of the extende gaming 1-2 weeks prior the extended gamiing day)

tournaments are mostly yearly we have 1-2 a year and yes its $5 or $2 for members memberships cost $10 members recieve a card that may be used at toyworld armadale(7.5%) tactics in perth(10%) and games frenzy kelmscott(10%) for a discount

we at AWG are a friendly bunch of people and welcome newcomers (well i do anyway) some players that attend are challenging mostly the adults though some of the kids are quite good also (such as me:) ) but yes there is a range of different armies i think we have at least 1 of each race except witch hunters (not including chapters of marines and stuff such as cadians and stuff)

soft drinks are available at $1 chocolates at $2 chips at 50cents and raffles are held every week at $1 a ticket larger raffles such as battleforces or stuff are $2 a ticket but are not done that often tournaments will vary in price and details will be held roughly from a month - 2 weeks before the tournament date and you will be reminded of it each week from the isue of the anouncement

most games played are just ahnilate with deepstriking infiltrate and other stuff but some like to play by the rule book rolling for the mission choice and choosing alpha gamma and omega mission special rules

(note i have not been asked to do this but i am hoping there are a few people that live in the perth area willing to come)
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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