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Autopistols? Autoguns?

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I recently downloaded the catachan codex from their website and in it it said that i could find weapon data in the IG codex. I looked there for the autogun/pistol for the catachan devils, but there was no entry for the autopistol. It wasnt in the witchhunters or Deamonhunters either. Was this removed from the game after the 3rd eddition? If so, i would appreciate it if somebody could dig up a 3rd eddition IG dex and post the stats here. If the stats still exist, call me a loser and pls tel me what codex to look in. TY
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i have the wargear book but a lot of it is redundant now. and i really cant be bothered to go and look....
it was when they released it two or 3 years ago. unless theyve updated it since with every new codex release its essentially worthless now.
some do i think. catachans etc. its mentioned in the guard codex though, and there are stats for an autopistol but no autogun.
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