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Autopistols? Autoguns?

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I recently downloaded the catachan codex from their website and in it it said that i could find weapon data in the IG codex. I looked there for the autogun/pistol for the catachan devils, but there was no entry for the autopistol. It wasnt in the witchhunters or Deamonhunters either. Was this removed from the game after the 3rd eddition? If so, i would appreciate it if somebody could dig up a 3rd eddition IG dex and post the stats here. If the stats still exist, call me a loser and pls tel me what codex to look in. TY
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Yes, they've disappeared from the Codexes/ices (are they still in the Wargear book? Does anyone have that?), but they're the same as laspistols/lasguns.
Really? I thought the Wargear book was the most up-to-date source of weapon information?
They're still selling it on the GW shop front page, so it's not oop, unless GW have cocked up somewhere, and we all know they never do that... :wink:
cccp_one said:
ts odd that you cant find autogun stats anywhere.
Well, does anyone in the current game use them? They're in my Genestealer Cult list, but that's a holdover from 3rd, and there's no option in the IG Codex for them. They've fallen by the wayside with the move into 4th, it seems.
You'll see them in Ork armies, I'd expect, as the 2nd Ed plastic Gretchin had them, and a few people still use them, instead of the hideously expensive metal Grotz. Although they'll be played as Grot Blastaz, of course.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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