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Hey mate welcome to Heresy, the best Warhammer 40k and FB forums on the entire internet. I live in Perth so we should meet up and have a beer or something when you arrive. I'd offer you a game, but I'm still in the process of assembling my IG, but there is quite a large gaming community here in Perth, with several clubs around the place, so you won't have any trouble finding opponents. We also have three GW stores, as well as numerous other stockists throughout the metro area to buy your kits and supplies from, unless you're like me and take advantage of ridiculously low prices available by buying from places online like Wayland Games. You're picking a good time to move here as well because at the end of October, beginning of November the "Feat of Arms" gaming convention will be being held for the first time (basically a four day gaming and hobby convention that is taking place over two weekends and looks to be fucking awesome IMHO). You can find out more about Feat of Arms, and the Perth gaming scene in general, at the Wetsgamer forums which can be found here. Anyway enough waffling on about how great Perth is, welcome to Heresy and enjoy your stay here, we are friendly bunch.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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