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Attack bikes for Chaos?

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>> Can anyone give me a reason why they think Chaos dont get attack bikes? Cant be that hard to maintaion, and they had them before the HH. Ideas or thoughts please.
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>> Can anyone give me a reason why they think Chaos dont get attack bikes? Cant be that hard to maintaion, and they had them before the HH. Ideas or thoughts please.

(Kenneth the Page, from the show "30 Rock")

Wellllll...boys and girls!

....After the Emperor's Attack Bike Leasing Dept found out about the whole "Heresy Thing," they sent all the Traitor Legions a stern letter, and so all the heretic-scum returned them all to the dealership....

After the glut of inventory, and feeling bad for the Blood Angels .....as they had lost their Primarch 'n all.... they sold them to the Blood Angels at a discount price.

And that's why Blood Angels get cheap Attack Bikes!

The End...

There is absolutey nothing wrong with using the Space Marine Codex (or the DA/BA) from making a pseudo Iron Warriors list. Heck , you can use Space Wolves to make CSM list. The important thing is that you can model and make some good fluff explaining why yo think these rules are more representative for your pups than the original codex.

Greater Daemon= Fenrisian Ice Bear (but model it well!!!, dont use the GD model)

I use the BA list to represent a Heresy Era Imperial Fists company who had a few guys go crazy after the Iron Cage Incident. The DC represent vets who saw too many of their buddies die...
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Game wise.. they already have Oblits, monstrous deamon creatures, and possessed who have the potential to be cc monsters. Why give them attack bikes to?

>> Why not? Attack bikes not supposed to be cc monsters.

why can't space marines get oblits?

replace "chaos marines warped by the techno -virus"

"with Adeptus Mechanicus develop experimental super-awesome terminator suit"

FOR THE SAME REASON: Game mechanics. The codicies are play tested and every army is designed to have a unique feel.

If I sound like I'm being hard on you, I'm not. I went through the same thinking with many of the armies I played or thought about playing.

It took me a few years to realize the secret is to find the rules and playstyle you enjoy most. Do not worry about which army has the coolest models...

Then buy the models you like (lookwise) that approximate the units you want to field (rules wise) and modify them enough so that a player can not take a quick look and say, oh that just a plain old ____.

There are quite a few armies out there like this. An airborne cav army that used really cool looking tank skimmers (they still only played as chimeras).

Like the tau and their tanks, but hate the rest of their models? Make a Star Wars stormtrooper army with white armour and modify the original models or use similiar models to represent them. This is the point.

I have been into the Imperial Fists for years now. One of the main reasons was they were the complete opposite of my Space Wolves, my own first army. Plus they're very hard to paint well and so you don't see many of them.

We all know that the next Vanilla 'dex will play similiarily to DA/BA.

I was very happy to see the new Dark Angel/Blood Angel Codecies.

Tired I was of las/plas squads and wanted to see a return to a more "shock and awe approach" to marine warfighting.

The BA dex is as close is it gets right now to simulating a codex chapter if you use lots of fast attack.

I would feel much worse using ravenwing scout rules for my IF than a few crazy goth buggers who need a chaplain nanny.

The only thing I am careful about is not placing IF insignia's on troopers. I put those on the doors and roofs of my many rhinos and other vehicles. If I go to a tournament and someone feels like giving me a problem, I flip over the top hatches and doors to reveal big radioactive hazard symbols.

Oh look, they're "RADIATION MARINES" they glow a blinding yellow...:bye:
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>> Cheers for input people, just wondered what people thought. Would anybody think it wrong if I used an attack bike as my special weapon toting guy, by putting plasma guy standing on sidecar, but only count it as a biker wi plasma?
Of course not, Just make sure you make the distinction before the game. I would have no qualms with this. Try to convert it a bit to make it extra chaos-y and you shouldn't have issues with anyone but those ppl you really wouldn't want to waste time gaming with anyway.
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