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While swearing under my breath playing a recent game against a guard player camping behind 2+ cover (Get back in the fight after going to ground is a filthy strategy that makes me want to bring 3 hell drakes to every game) I came to realize that asymmetry as a essential feature of the 40k that is both essential to its survival, and evolution. Now it can be said that GW with its codex cycles and recent fetish for huge models like knights has at times straddled the lines of the principle, but in all honesty should it be changed? I would argue not as no matter how frustrating facing such no win scenarios are there is just as much satisfaction in finding the counters/power builds, or simple tactics that humiliate or at least give a fighting chance against such armies (offering even more self gratification if you find a way to do so without purchasing a single new model).

So although it may seem counter intuitive to some 40k needs its fate weaver spam, and its sisters of battle too in equal measure in order to remain a lively and dynamic hobby. Sure we as gamers complain when blatantly stupid changes are made that give a strong leg up to one player over another, but this is the inherent nature of the game that we play. After all its not chess nor could it ever hope to be chess do to its diversity.

However what is the opinion of my fellow gamers. Do you agree with this analysis?
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