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greetings everyone:)

well, i've posted this in the hopes that it might perhaps attract a few new initiates to astronomi-con, easily one the most enjoyable and unique tournaments in the world!

the dates for this year's events;
astro vancouver: may 19-20
astro winnipeg: june 23-24
astro toronto: dates TBA (though its looking like oct 20-21)

registration, rules and whatnot can be found over at; http://www.astronomi-con.com

i've been to the past 3 astro's at the oakville hq bunker and each year has been one the best hobby experiences i've had!
the missions are truely unique and diverse. they are also quite challenging and many missions involve a 3rd non-play controled force that is linked to the mission objective. ('sink the baneblade' is perhaps one the most infamous missions!)

the other great thing about astro is that it allows pretty much any list you can think of! speed freaks, LatD, kroot mercs, feral orks & all the imperial armour lists & units!
VDR creations are also playable, though they are subject to approval by the tourny heads just to make sure nothing too insane is used...

so if you're looking for a different kind of tournament, this is deffinately a good one to go for!
just tell 'em stitch sent ya!;)

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