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Wanted to get some ideas on a more competitive list using certain models from my AM army (No Proxy). I focus mainly on painting and reading others lists but most lists these days contain a fair amount of Leman Russ Tanks and I was hoping not to include any in my build. I know AM is not the strongest right now and not using tanks presents a greater challenge. I will use your lists in upcoming games and give feedback.

What 1850 point list would you put together with the models listed below>

2 x Vendetta (1 Vendetta can be used as a standard Valkyrie or Valk. w/ MRP)
3 x Scout Sentinel (Multi Laser and optional Camo Netting)
5 x Rough Riders (2 w/ Melta Guns)

1 x Manticore
1 x Basilisk

5 x Ratlings

4 x Chimera with Multilaser (Optional heavy stubber for all 4)
1 x Chimera with heavy Bolter (Optional heavy stubber)

4 x Lascannons
4 x Missle launcher (Optional Flakk upgrade)
3 x Auto Cannon
3 x Heavy Bolter
3 x Mortar

42 x Lasgun Guardsman (Optional Vox Upgrade on 8 of those Guardsmen)
7 x Shotgun veterans (Optional Vox Upgrade on 1 of those Veterans)
8 x Guardsmen with Plasma Guns
7 x Guardsmen with Melta Guns
5 x Guardsmen with Sniper Rifles
3 x Guardsmen with Grenade Launchers
2 x Guardsmen with Heavy Flamer
4 x Guardsmen with Flamer
3 x Guradsman with Demo Charge

6 x Sgt with Laspitol
1 x Sgt with Bolt Pistol
1 x Sgt with Power Fist
1 x Sgt with Power Sword
1 x Sgt with Power Fist and Bolt Gun
1 x Sgt with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword

2 x Regimental Standard
2 x Medic

IC and SC
1 x Priest
1 x Straken
1 x Harker
1 x Creed
1 x Kell
1 x Marbo (Can be used as a Sgt with Laspitol and CCW)

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Ok normally I dislike this kind of thread because it takes a lot of time and effort to contribute, but hey, what the heck.

My thoughts on a list to be (not tournament competitive) able to have a fun game:

Build a list with a strong purpose oriented setup.
A defensive element to hold ground in your home turf and keep those objectives smothers.
An aggressive element to push forward, hunt forward objectives or topple a flank relying overly on a melta-able lynchpin.
A 'cavalry' element to ride in and save the day when things look grim at any particular point.

I don't know your gaming meta, so here's a fairly 'take all comers-but-especially-mechanised-lists' set up.

HQ - Coy HQ with Straken, (I remember you saying you had a Master of Ordinance and Astropath, but don't see them here?), Missile launcher, carapace armour, medic, chimera.
Ministorum priest to bolster a block.

Vet Squad with Harker, 3x Flamers, Missile Launcher, Chimera
2 x Vet Squad with 3x Melta, Missile launcher, Chimera
Infantry Platoon with:
PCS with Autocannon, vox.
4x Infantry squads, each with a lascannon, flamer if points allow, to sit at the back with the priest and hold objectives as one big combined squad or similar as the board and opponent dictates.
2 x Special weapon squads, one with 3x plasma, one with 3x flamer to ride in vendettas and kill terminators or hordes. Drop one or the other if tailoring for opponent to make space for other stuff.

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Manticore - bubble wrap with your infantry or hide him on an objective to fire indirect.

Light infantry hold ground and should be able to hurt monsters and tanks with that many lascannons, Mechanised troops push forward to take objectives or slay monsters and small deathstars with bulk melta, Harker pushes forward into terrain to piss off an enemy by holding ground ahead of your light infantry, vendettas kill aircraft and tanks and drop the special weapon squads where required, and the manticore sits back and shoots.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply, appreciate the feedback and list. I will most definitely run this in my next game and not waste your great effort. Also, love your AM army pictures was a nice display of the Imperium's might.

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