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Talking about the Blackreach set only.
I've played it with a mate aswell. I say this, keep the greenskins at range as long as possible and be careful of where his units are. Many of them move suddenly, and that brings the shitstorm. The Deffkopters (What's they are called) for eksampel can actually pose a threat to the dread.

Of course when he get's close there is a good tip, You can try to Charge him, Orks really live on they Charge attacks, and it wil also allow you to bring your flamer to bear. The orks are not happy about that one!
Ohh they don't like storm bolters either... Though charging them might be bad.

Now, finally you already know how much trouble his warboss is, yes?
So be careful! That thing rips your marines and your dread.

Last option, if you both feel the orks win to easy, asdk about allowing you to slipt your marines into two groups, one with flamer and your capt'n and one witht he missile launcher. In some cases it's better, in others it's not.

That's what I could think about :)
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