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Some Imperial Guard fluff I wrote some time ago. :read: I had burried under a lot of other stuff so I had almost forgotten about this one. sill, here it is. Enjoy!

+++++ =][= Imperial Data bank =][= +++++
+++++ Commentary/txt only. Encrypted +++++
+++++ Input Authorization +++++
+++++ Authorization Accepted +++++
+++++ Welcome Under-Captain LaChance +++++
+++++ Thought for the day: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst +++++
+++++ Subject: Arum 1st Royal Legion +++++
+++++ Searching... +++++
+++++ Loading data +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ File open +++++

+++++ Force Organization:

Unit name: Arum 1st Royal Legion

Date of founding: 967.M41

Home world: Arum

Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus

Commander: General Joacim du’Arum

Coat of arms: White dress uniforms, golden yellow flak with green shoulder pads, leg pads and helmet. Officers have golden yellow helmets.

Order of Battle:

HQ: General du’Arum, Astropath De’Villenu, Fleet-Captain Odies, Artillery Captain Tesser, Lord-Commissar Weisspaun, Ministorum Priest Ivalle, Olba, Peshe, Treuman, Kassal, Techpriest Engineers Tolfon, Jakulta

1st Veteran Company: Colonel Fransic

2nd Infantry Company: Captain Jourin

3rd Infantry Company: Under-Captain Lafitte

4ht Infantry Company: Under-Captain Saunier

5th Infantry Company: Under-Captain Faudel

6th Infantry Company: Under-Captain Loisel

7th Infantry Company: Under-Captain LaChance

8th Infantry Company: Under-Captain Tavernier

9th Heavy Support Company: Under-Captain Berger

10th Armoured Company: Major Boshe

Service record:
967.M41 - The Battle of Zeit Heights
Siege of Gelmana
968.M41 - The Arumian Campaign
998.M41 - Battle of Ute
Battle of Oman Steppes
999.M41- Battle of Mudin Mountains
13th Black Crusade

Arum 1st Royal Legion is formed of men from the higher classes of Arum’s society. Sons of the noble Families, Warrior class and even the Merchant class can join this elite unit. Unlike the “Rabble” Legions, the Royal has been given the best training, armament and gear available. +++++

+++++ End file +++++
+++++ File root +++++
+++++ New search +++++
+++++ Subject: Arum +++++
+++++ Searching... +++++
+++++ Loading data +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ File open +++++
+++++ Basic Information:

Name: Arum

Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus

Sector: Risser Sector

Subsector: Arumia Subsector

System: Arum System

Population: 5,000,000,000

Affliction: Imperium

Class: Civilized World

Tithe: Solutio Extremis

The planet of Arum is the fourth planet of its star system, and it was inhabited just prior to the Age of Strife. Like on so many other worlds like it, during this cataclysmic event the population descended from their heights of knowledge and tecnology to near barbarism. Arum was re-discovered during the Great Crusade, and according the few remaining archives the population had achieved a new cultural revival, akin to that called Renaissance of the ancient Terra.

The Arum society is quite rigid, comprising of the following:

-Ruling class (nobility)


-Warrior class

-Merchant class

-Worker class (rabble)

The nobility along with the priests of Ecclesiarchy rule the planet. The nobles are divided into a number of families, each potentially consisting of dozens of family members, along with a Warrior bodyguard units.

The Warrior class consists of the current PDF forces, equal to almost any Imperial Guard Regiment. The veterans of the Legions are also counted as part of the Warrior class.

The workers, or “rabble” form the majority of the population, working on either in the fields or the mines. The rabble tending the fields is sometimes considered as a separate class from the miners, as the conditions in wich they work are radically different. The miners also think themselves as “tougher”, for living on the mountains and working in difficult and heavy conditions, while they consider the field workers as “lazy old women”.

The merchants are invaluable to Arum, as they are the only class of society allowed to travel in space besides the Legions. The Arum is wealthy enough to have its own small merchant fleet, with Navigators from the Navis Nobilite Terun, who’s House stands on Arum’s lush moon.

Grand palaces amongst the large fields dot the fertile lowlands around the equator of the planet, while large mines around the mountains in the planets poles produces valuable metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc. The large Innard Sea controls about a quarter of Arums surface, while a number of lakes and rivers crisscross the lowlands providing the fresh water for the fields and people. Although bread and fish are common sources of food, meat is usually reserved to the ruling classes.

Arum is the home world of Arum 1st Royal Legion as well as Arum 2nd, 4th and 8th “Rabble” Legions. +++++

+++++ End file +++++
+++++ File root +++++
+++++ New search +++++
+++++ Subject: Family du’Arum +++++
+++++ Searching... +++++
+++++ Loading data +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ File open +++++

+++++ The Family du’Arum has been ruling Arum since long before the Great Crusades, and own many of the mines as well as large swathes of the farm land. How the family came to power is lost in history, although some point to evidence of assassinations, betrayals and a number of civil wars. Arum is indeed a planet renowned for its lethal political events, although the Imperium has such actions in check for the most part. To add further confusion to the family histories, the ruling families have an odd tradition of adopting promising young people, no matter the class. This has frustrated many a scholar who in vain have tried to map the family trees, alliances and betrayals.

The current head of the Family is Ulsen du’Arum. His youngest son Joacim serves as the current and highly proven General of the Arum 1st Royal Legion, while the oldest so, Ulsen Jr., acts as the current High-General, controlling Arums Warrior class and the PDF. The Legions are under the direct rule of Departmento Munitorum, just as any other Imperial Guard formation, even tough the du’Arum Family is not pleased of this arrangement.

Du’Arums chief rival family is the Rebrent Family, who oversees most of the merchants and the merchant fleets. These two families have a history of blood feuds and even to this day the balance of force between these two mighty families are on a knifes edge, despite efforts from the Imperium to uphold it. +++++

+++++ End file +++++
+++++ File root +++++
+++++ New search +++++
+++++ Subject: Arum 1st Royal Legion +++++
+++++ Subject specification: Order of Battle specifics +++++
+++++ Searching... +++++
+++++ Loading data +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ File open +++++

+++++ Arum 1st Royal Legion is divided into 1 Veteran Company, 7 Infantry Companies, 1 Heavy Support Company and 1 Armoured Company.

Each Infantry Company consists of a Company Command squad, two Platoon Command Squads, and 10 squads of regular infantry. Each company is usually led by an Under-Captain, excluding the 1st and 2nd Companies, and two Ensigns. Under each Ensign is a Sergeant-Major and four Sergeants.

The 1st Veteran Company is led by Colonel Fransic, who is known for his almost Commissar-like actions when it comes to forcing his men to hold their ground. The Company consists of twelve squads of the Legions finest veterans, each carrying the better carapace armour and high-explosives. They are trained to use the explosives to take out enemy tanks or enemy bunkers and strong points. The Company is divided into 4 Platoons, each made of three squads. The first Platoon is under Fransic’s own command, while the three others are commanded by Ensigns.

The 2nd Infantry Company also houses the four Squadrons of the Legions Sentinels. Each Squadron consists of three Sentinels, and three of the Squadrons are made of the light Scout Sentinels, while the fourth has the Armoured Sentinels.

9th Company consists of three Platoons of Heavy Weapon Squads. Each Platoon has 5 Squads of Heavy Weapon Teams, three in each Squad, as well as two supporting Infantry Squads and a Sniper Squad. The First Platoon is commanded by Under-Captain Berger, and the two other by Ensigns.

10th Armoured Company consists of 5 Squadrons of Leman Russ variants, 3 Squadrons of Basilisks and 2 Squadrons of Vendetta Gunships. Each Squadron has three armoured vehicles. The Company is led by Major Boshe from his Baneblade ‘Arum’s Wrath’. The 10th Company also houses the Regiments two Techpriests, their personal Chimeras Ruber Harena and Ruber Umbra and their escort Storm Trooper Squads.

The Regiments Priests are usually appointed to certain Companies prior to the battle. As these appointments are not fixed, they can be found equally from the ranks of the Companies and du’Arums own entourage. Lord-Commissar Weisspaun also drifts from Company to Company as he sees fit. +++++

+++++ End file +++++
+++++ File root +++++
+++++ New search +++++
+++++ Subject: Arum 1st Royal Legion +++++
+++++ Subject specification: Service record specifics +++++
+++++ Searching... +++++
+++++ Loading data +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ File open +++++

+++++ Arum 1st Royal Legion was founded 967.M41. In the same year the Legion had its baptism of fire in the Battle of Zeit Heights, where the Legion fought against poorly equipped and trained Chaos cultists on the planet Umpria. After this the unit took part in the siege of Umprias capital hive Gelmana.
After their first short campaign, the Legion gained its veteran status on the 30 year long Arumian Campaign, as Arum’s neighbouring systems rebelled against the Imperium, throwing their lot with Chaos. Even worse, the Ork Waaagh!-Luk’nutz was drawn into the war. Eventually Arum and its proud Legion prevailed with the aid of several other Imperial Guard Regiments and the Adeptus Astartes Mortificators Chapter.

After the grueling campaign to defend their homes, the Legion set out to take part on further actions in the Segmentum Tempestus. Such was the Battle of Ute on the fields of the planet Ute, which is known for its sky lighting meteor showers, against a splinter of Hive Fleet Leviathan. They also fought on the steppes of the Agri World Oman against another splinter.

On the planet Mudin in early 999.M41 the Legion put down yet another cultist incursion, just before being shipped to take part in the battle against Abaddon the Despoilers 13th Black Crusade. The Legion has been stationed in the Cadia system, but is currently being shipped to restock, re-organize and taken to its next conflict. +++++

+++++ End file +++++
+++++ File root +++++
+++++ No more data available +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ Stand by +++++
+++++ Login out Authorisation +++++
+++++ Log out successful +++++

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XVII Prauss Old Guard (Long)

Some more IG fluff that I've written. I hope you enjoy.

XVII Prauss Old Guard

Ehre - Pflicht - Wille
Honour - Duty - Will

In 999.M38 the XVII Prauss Line Grenadiere Regiment was formed on the planet Teuton, near the border of Segmentum Solar and Pasificus. The Regiments strength was 1,000 men and it was commanded by Major Johannes Schwerin. Originally it was supposed to be a stop gap unit used in the Parlamentarist Revolts that were on going in the Segmentum Pasificus, but the Regiment ended up successfully serving on a number of short and successful campaigns for the next 50 years. After the Cross Crusades Johannes Schwerin was named Count and he rose to the rank of General. The Regiment also was expanded to 2,000 infantry soldiers, and it received a detachment of 500 Prauss Ulans.

Currently the Guard is formed of three separate Regiments that operate as a single force. The renamed 17. Prauss Line Grenadiere Regiment, 17. Prauss Ulan Regiment and Prauss 17. Artillerie Regiment were combined in 018.M40. The Guard is best known for the iron discipline, and as Teuton has a Commissar training academy, a great number of them can be found within its ranks. The XVII has also received the title “Old Guard”, that marks it an elite veteran formation.

The current Field Marshal of the Guard is Count Erik von Schwerin. He is the only son of the previous Field Marshal, Count Wilhelm von Schwerin. He rose to the position after the Reel Crusade in 996.M41, at the extremely young age of 16, as the commanders position has always been passed down to the eldest son. His father died at the beginning of the final battle of the Crusade where the last rebels were able to ambush the Guards 7th Battalion wich his and his father were inspecting. The losses could have been horrendous as the servants of the Dark Gods fought fanatically, but under Erik’s leadership the Guard was able to bring up their formation and repel the attacker with concentrated volleys of las-carbine fire.

The 1st Brigade, also known as the Old Faithful - Der Alte Treu, has a black badge of shame on its colours, a reminder of its darkest and most shameful day. In 500.M40 the Guard was deployed in a campaign against a renegade planet in the Segmentum Obscurus. The beginning of the campaign went smoothly for the Imperial forces, as the former PDF Regiments thrown at them had no chances against the superbly trained and led loyalists. Near to the close of the campaign The 1st Brigade was ordered to hold a network of fortifications in high ground, designated 711-Y. The Old Faithful manned the fortifications quickly, and surely enough the renegades launched multiple attacks against them, only to repulsed by the disciplined volleys of the Brigade and bombardments of the 17th Artillerie. After countless charges, the enemy suddenly stopped. A day went past without an attack as did the next. Then, at the strike of midnight a heavy bombardment struck the fortifications, severely damaging a number of them. Before the Brigade had time to recover, they came under a savage attack by one of the Imperial Guards most hated foe, the Blood Pact.

Those that tried to hold their ground were slaughtered, as the still confused Grenadiers fought an unknown enemy in complete darkness. Even the hardened discipline of the Praussians was not enough, and the Brigade was routed. When hearing of the shameful action of the Brigade, the Field Marshal and the Lord Commissar unanimously decided to punish the Brigade most severely. Every surviving officer and Commissar was executed, the whole Brigade stripped of its colours and flags, as well as their elite uniforms. The rest were given a simple choice: to be executed on the spot or to restore the lost honour and glory by charging and taking the 711-Y. So it was that two thousand men of the Prauss 17th Line Grenadiere 1st Brigade marched up the side of the hill, without any artillery support, bayonets glowing in the growing light of dawn. Many other Imperial observers recorded the attack, describing the eerie silence of the Grenadiers as they march in perfect lines, wearing only their white shirts, pants and black leather boots, against the enemy held positions. The sound of the drums, marching feet and the discharging enemy weapons was all that could be heard. The battle took almost the whole day and only a handful would see the dusk, but at nightfall the only flag that was given to the Brigade, the Brigades own colours, flew over the 711-Y. The Brigade had regained its honour and the conflict was soon brought to an end. The Old Faithful was then reorganized and rebuilt, but their colours would forever hold the black badge of shame, as a reminder of this past sin but also of the cost of redemption.

The Prauss Old Guards highest commanders are Field Marshal or Feldmarschall Erik von Schwerin, and Lord Commissar Ludwig von Stool. The command staff include naval officers, an Imperial Astropath and other psykers, artillery officers, Ecclesiarchy Priests and Techpriest Engineer Itius. The Guard Command staff is responsible for leading all three regiments, but the Field Marshal is also the direct high commander of the Grenadiers. This is why the cavalry and artillery are seen as only supportive units to the main infantry, but in practice their commanders choose for the most part how and where they serve.

The Guard has become a symbol of pride to Teuton, and it is regularly reinforced with new recruits that enable it to maintain its effective man power of almost 20,000 troops. Only the most battle hardened and experienced of men are selected to this elite force,

The 17th Prauss Line Grenadiers or Line Grenadiere, is an infantry Regiment and its current manpower is approximately 10,000 Grenadiers. The Regiment is split into 1 Heavy Grenadier Brigade and 3 Grenadier Brigades. Each Brigade is formed of 5 Battalions, and each Battalion has ten 50 men strong Companies.

1st Brigade - 1st-5th Battalion
2nd Brigade - 6th-10th Battalion
3rd Brigade - 11th-15th Battalion
4th Brigade - 16th-20th Battalion

1st Battalion - 10 Companies

1st Company - 50 Grenadiers

50 Companies - 2500 Grenadiers

A Company is formed of five 10 man squads. One of the squads also had an attached Commissar. Also, the Companies, Battalions and Brigades have their own Command staff, in most cases consisting of an officer, Commissar, signaller or communication trooper and the Colours.

The Colours are a Teuton custom, a set of two flags. One flag is the flag of the Kingdom of Prauss, the Guards home country, and the other is the flag to represent the Brigade, Battalion or Company. Company flags are carried by both the unit as well as the Command, and the only difference between them is the letter C on the upper right corner of the Commands flag. The flag of the Guard usually displays the number of the unit, the Company banners being the most simple with a circle on a white background and the number inside the circle. The colour of the circle represents the Brigade:

1st Brigade = purple
2nd Brigade = red
3rd Brigade = blue
4th Brigade = green

The Guard also use their own terms and ranks found in the Prauss military.

Army formations:
Low Gothic - Teuton
Regiment - Regiment
Brigade - Brigade
Battalion - Batallion
Company - Kompanie
Squad - Trupp

1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 3 Company
1. Brigade, 2. Batallion, 3. Kompanie

Low Gothic - Teuton
Army Command
Field Marshal - Feldmarschall
Regimental Command
General - General
Battalion Command
Colonel - Oberst
Major - Major
Company Command:
Captain - Hauptmann
Lieutenant - Leutnant
2. Lieutenant - Fänrich
Sergeant - Feldwebel
Corporal - Gefreiter
Grenadier - Grenadier

The 17th Prauss Uhlan is an all cavalry Regiment, currently 5000 men strong. It is commanded by the General-Commissar Reisser, who was been appointed as the regiments temporary commander after the death of General von Hürgen. The Regiment is divided into 5 Brigades, each holding 10 Troops. A troop is made of 10 squadrons of ten Ulan’s each.

The Ulan’s also have their own colours, but instead of large flags they use small banners usually attached to the end of a hunting lance. The colour code for each Brigade:

1st Brigade: White/Purple
2nd Brigade: White/Red
3rd Brigade: White/Blue
4th Brigade: White/Black
5th Brigade: White/Yellow

The number on the flag will then refer to Troops, and the following letter to the Squadron. For example, 7A on a white/blue background would translate as; 3rd Brigade, 7th Troop, A-Squadron. Squadrons also have a habit of giving themselves a name according to their letter; A could be Alpha, Abel, Ark, etc.

The Prauss 17. Artillery can be seen as an oddity in a number of ways, when compared to the two other Regiments of the Guard. Where as the Grenadiere and Ulan can almost be accused of being ultraconservative in their way of upholding the traditions and tactics taught to them on their homeworld, the Artillery have the most modern equipment and training. It also has two companies made of non-Praussians. The Regiment has six companies:

The Regimental Command Company - Regiment Command, Techpreist Engineers and retinue, communication and logistical officers.

The Howitzer Company - 10 batteries of Basilisk tanks.

The Siege Company - Batteries of Griffons; 4 Batteries of Medusas; 2 Batteries of Colossus’.

The Anti-Air Company - 5 batteries of Hydra flak tanks.

Mechanised Infantry Company - Command squad and 10 squads of veteran Mechanised Grenadier troops from the former Meriacan 255th Mechanized Airborne. The Company is deployed in Chimeras, and hold squadrons of Vendettas and Valkyries.

Mortar Company - 10 platoons of the former Cadian 99th Regiments platoons. Each platoon has platoon command, 5 mortar batteries and 2 Infantry squads with mortar teams as support.

The first four companies consists of men of Prauss, but the Mech. Airborne and Mortar companies are the attached remnants of two different regiments. They were assigned into supportive roles after each had been greatly diminished in their latest campaigns. The 255th is a combined Regiment of the Meriacan 25th Mechanized and 55th Airborne. Both were of the Imperial forces deployed against the Waaagh!Bulldowza, but after the Imperial defeat at Tiin III it was estimated that neither Regiment was fit to act alone. As a result the 255th was formed and redeployed to support the XVII Prauss Old Guard, that was currently on a campaign in the Ultima Segmentum.

Cadian 99th served as a Light Support Regiment during the defence of Uboon against an incursion of necrons. It was attached to the Guard around the same time as the 255th, and both of these remnant units have proved their worth as part of this elite formation.

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The grenadiers of the 17th Line Grenadiers are equipped with a fine uniform that incorporates body armour comparable to the most modern flak vests. The 1st Brigade on the other hand is issued with carapace armour, but this is mostly unseen because of their long greatcoats. The Prauss infantry uniforms generally consist of a white set of pants and small jacket, with a black cap and leather boots. The officers have red stripes on their pants, and yellow caps. The greatcoats are usually dark grey.

The Guard also have an unusual las-weapon: a Clausewitz-pattern las-carbine, affectionately known as the “long Klaus“ by the troops of the Guard. The carbine is a modified version of the long-las pattern weapons used by snipers of the Imperial Guard. The Klaus is longer then a standard lasgun, but more accurate, and it has a better rate of fire then a long-las, easily able to achieve the same rapid fire capability of a lasgun. The only weak point of the weapon is its relatively small ammo capacity, but this is rarely a hindrance thanks to the Guards tactics of firing volley rank by rank at their enemies, giving those reloading the time to do so. The Klaus also has an attached bayonet for close quarter fighting

The Uhlan uniforms are perhaps the most complex and distinctive uniforms. They are most distinctive for the two sets of jackets, one with multiple buttons on the front, and another that is worn on top of the other so that it hangs from the troopers shoulders. The uniform has black pants, a white under jacket and dark blue top jacket.

An Uhlan is equipped with a hunting lance, sabre and a las pistol.

The Artillery Regiment is the only one that does not use the traditional uniforms of the armies of Prauss, but have chosen to use the Cadia-pattern flak-vest and uniforms. The uniform is still coloured white, while the vest is dark green and the helmet is black or yellow, depending on rank.

The Cadian 99th and Merican 255th both use the white colour in their uniforms. 99th uses green coloured flak vests. The Mericans have their own distinctive uniform design, and some of them wear red berets, though they do not indicate rank, merely personal taste of the individual soldiers. These two companies are also the only ones in the entire guard to equip their troops with heavier weapons.

The Commissars that are spread across the entire Guard are recognisable for their uniforms. They wear the same kind of white red striped pants as the officers, as well as a black greatcoat and a cap.

Teuton is a Garden-class world, revolving around a sun a bit larger then Sol. It is the second planet in its system, and it is orbited by two small and one larger moon. The moons are uninhabitable now, but the ancient cities that once flourished on their surfaces can be observed even with a naked from Teutons surface.

Teuton has a comparably mild climate that follows the four season rhythm. Snow falls in the areas around the polar glaciers, but around the equator the temperatures hardly change at all. The three main continents have only a few mountains, and most of the land mass is covered by large open fields and forests. There are also two large savannah areas, and more then half of the surface is covered by the large sea.

Teuton is divided into a number of different countries, more or less hostile to one another. Each country is governed by royal or noble house, all dating themselves to the dark days of the Age of Strife. Many large countries have been formed by coalitions of a number of smaller nations, and new small ones have born from the collapse of an old empire. Civil wars are more of tradition and custom then what one could normally expect, but the armies that march to the battlefields of Teuton have strict rules by wich they are allowed to conduct the blood shedding. An infantry line facing another, cavalry and artillery in support and no civilian casualties can be said to be the foundation of these rules. The locals call this “civilized warfare”.

Currently the mightiest country of on the planet is the Kingdom of Prauss. Its armies are the most experienced and best armed. But Prauss has not been officially in a state of war for good 4 millennia, since the time Imperium rediscovered Teuton and forced its rule upon these people. The three mightiest empires were forced to form a “Triumvirate of Peace”, a shaky alliance that supposedly would force the other nations to also stop their “infighting” and concentrate on serving the Imperium and its Emperor. The only true effect of this pact was that there are now three large nations that are a constant surrounded by ever changing factions. The Kingdom of Prauss, Norrland and Tranici Empire officially work as political solvers of arguments, but in practice they all send armies to either help a promising young aristocrat to gain his own throne or oppose the usurper.

The Imperial Governors have long since learned not to tangle themselves with this constant warfare and the incomprehensible web of alliances, pacts and coalitions. Instead concentrating on the Triumvirate, they ensure trade and conscription to Imperial Guard from these nations.

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very, very nice. wonderfully creative and descriptive. i would love to see you write and post some battle fluff on your boys, just to get an idea of the individual soldier's mindset and maybe see some more intricate tactics being used. i realized that Guard are big on gunlines, but after reading Gaunt's Ghosts, the gunline just doesn't do it for me anymore. best of luck man!:grin:

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I like the background you've given us on your army. I admire your creativity, and the effort you put into creating a unique unit, with its own homeworld and warrior ethos. As a half-German, I must admit my interest was really piqued by your heavy use of German (or space-German, I guess) style and heritage.
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