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So Ive been throwing an idea around of having a united Army of the Imperium presented on the board at 2000 level point game.
So this is how I see it;
Imperial Guard Primary Detachment + Any Space Marine Allies ( DA inmycase) or vice verse.
Inquisitorial Detachment + Knight Detachment + Legion of the Damned Detachment

Now Adepta Sorroritas are allied detatchment but lets assume perhaps that they are part of =][= detatchment.

This way we can have all aspects of Imperium armies covered excluding Mechanicus unless someone wants to run FW list as an extra detachment.

So how would one go about picking which units would be the best from each codex to supplement each other and work in amazing sinergy and would such overwhelming amount of different armies provide good variance of rules or just mess everything up?
Squadron of LR battles tanks pushing with ~30 tacticals backed by a Knight Paladin in the back ? I have no idea about how =][= and Sororitas would be used , i got 5 LotD marines but havent used em once yet, got the dex but dint toy around with it.

Ideas gentlemen?

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Imperial Guard brings the meat of the list with a Guardsman blob (now with Priest, for Zealot and Shred on your 40 charging Guardsmen - that's 80 attacks, rerolling Hits AND Wounds), a Leman Russ Squadron for your HQ (maybe with Pask, since he's a pretty cool guy now) and maybe a Vendetta (remains to be seen how viable the Vendetta is now, but it's still one of the best anti-air choices in the game). Dark Angels bring a Librarian with Power Field Generator for the Leman Russ Command Squadron and some Tacticals with Heavy Weapons to hold the line. Inquisition packs an Inquisitor with Rads, Psychotrokes, Hammerhand, and the Liber Heresius to buff the Guard blob into the stratosphere (note that Power Axes are more expensive for Guard now, so the blob will cost a little more than it used to - not much more, but an increase nonetheless). Sisters of Battle bring... well, I have no idea. They have nothing you can't get better from another book. Their best thing, Ministorum Priests, are in Imperial Guard anyway. Bring a Knight because this is an Imperial army, you have to to fill the criteria. Charge it at people and make them cry, but keep it away from your Guard blob. Legion of the Damned do what Legion of the Damned do, bring Plasmas or Meltas and Ignores Cover at people.

You'd have;
Inquisitor (warlord) as part of the Guard blob, wargear loadout being something like Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Mastery 1 (Hammerhand), Force Sword, Liber Heresius, Power Armour, 3 Servo-Skulls.

Librarian with Power Field Generator
Tactical Squad with Plasma Cannon
Tactical Squad with Plasma Cannon

Knight Commander Pask in Leman Russ Punisher
Leman Russ Executioner (Command Squad Tank - attaches to Pask, use All Gunners Fire At Will to split their fire - add another tank if you have the points at the end)
Ministorum Priest (doesn't take up a FOC slot)
Platoon Command Squad with 4 special weapons (Flamers or Meltas) - these guys go in a Vendetta
5 Infantry Squads with Power Axe and Flamer
Vendetta Gunship

Knight Errant

5 Damned Legionaries with Plasma Cannon

Something like that. It's not great, but it fills most of your criteria. That Guard blob is brutal - it has Scout, and on the charge it puts out 90 attacks at Str4 AP- and 15 attacks at Str5 AP2 Unwieldy, re-rolling To Hit and To Wound from the Priest and Hammerhand, while their opponents are at -1 Toughness and a random debuff from Psychotroke Grenades. The only downside is 5+ Armour, but with cover, number of bodies, and Ld10 Stubborn, they should be fine.

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That guard blob will serve as a nice distraction for the Knight Errant, or vise versa. Either one is going to make the opponent cry once it closes. You could even have the Platoon Command Squad commando roll out of the valkyrie with the better grav chute rules to provide a 40 man first rank fire, second rank fire if something is too fast... a battlesuit squad, for example.
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