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Hi all,

We're eager to get the army directory up and running, but, we need some willing volunteers to write a short piece about their army (or any army they are knowlegdeable with.)

This piece should include -

1) a fluff introduction, explaining where the army stands in the 40k fluff -

eg, this one from codex SM -

Space Marines are amongst the most powerful and dreaded warriors in 40k.They are not human at all, but superhuman, having been made superior to a normal man in all respects by a harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. Being few in number compared to the uncounted billions of humanity, Space Marines are organised in to small independent armies called Chapters. Each Chapter is responsible for its own recruitment, training, equipment, organisation and strategy. Their unswerving loyalty to the Emperor and Mankind is unswerving.
2)a basic outline of the tabletop army - are they horde or elite, what their main strengths and weaknesses are, what they are like from a modellers and a players perspective etc.

3) anything else the writer feels is appropriate. Bear in mind we want to be selling the army to the new player..

if you are willing and able to help out on this project, please post below with your name and army you would like to write about. Two people can do one army if they wish, the mod team will pick the best piece at the end to go in the directory.

good luck, and happy writing!

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Great idea, good to see it's going ahead. I'd love to contribute but I think there are others who are much more knowledgable who could do a better job, and we want this to be the best it possibly can.

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This is the sort of thing im looking for. Any comments/criticisms?

"The Imperial Guard is the largest and most diverse organisation the galaxy has ever seen. It contains billions of men from a million different worlds. Half – feral savages march alongside former hive plant workers. Men whose home was a blistering desert, tropical jungle, icy steppe of desolate moorland are united under one banner of the Imperium of Man. The entire diversity of the massive Imperium is encapsulated within its ranks.

The strengths of the Imperial Guard do not lie in manpower alone. They are equipped with lumbering but deadly battle tanks, fast striding walkers, and the heaviest artillery known. Whole worlds are dedicated to the production of war machines, and their guns and ammunition.
While they may look rough and inelegant, these war machines are fiercely practical.

Despite its massive power, The Imperial Guard fights a constant battle to protect the Imperium from its many enemies. The men of the Imperial Guard pit human resolve, ingenuity, and their trusty lasgun against all kind of alien, mutant and heretic."

So, why collect Imperial Guard?

While the 40k universe is awash with massive, savage aliens, warring gods, genetically engineered superhumans, and evil heretics, one thing remains constant, and this is the simple humans that make up most of the Imperium's armies. This is one of the msot remarkable factors, that a simple human and his lasgun can defend humanity from all manner of untold horrors.

Another, more simple reason is the sheer number of tanks and guns that can be fielded in an army. It is possible in most armies to field over 70 guardsmen, along with at least 3 battle tanks. No other army in the universe can boast that kind of firepower, and it can even rival the model count of a traditional horde army.
It is quite daunting for your opponent when you turn up to a game with two figure cases full of models!

Thirdly, the Imperial Guard opens huge doors for both a modelling and fluff perspective. Guard regiments are pulled from every planet of the Imperium, and each bring with them a rich history, and the customs of their home planet. Therefore, they can be modelled any way the player wants, meaning a truly unique army

Pros and Cons

+ Massive firepower
+ High model count
+ Lots of tanks
+Conversion possibilities are endless

- Old models
- Lots of painting
- Higher £££ cost then most armies

So, whats the best way to start a Guard army?

Well, the most cost effective way of building up an army is with the guard battleforce. It saves you money from buying the models individually, and crucially enough models for one troops choice, one support platoon and
a heavy support, which is what the Guard is all about! From there, you can expand with another battleforce, and some officers to make a fully legal army.

Italic text source - IG Codex.

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I'd be willing to do something up for the Tau, when are you wanting this by?
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