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Hi man.
First thing first, is this 2000 pts?

Then, on the list itself:

HQ: Gifts of mutation are just wasted points. Cool if happens after a won challenge, but 10 pts each? meh. Get rid of those.
CHaos lord is just a krak missile away from beng instagibbed, get him some sigils of corruption!
Warpsmith...do you really need the guy? what does he adds to your list? i'd remove him.

TROOPS: those gift of mutations... :p icons are good for khorne but bad for nurgle (fear? c'mon that should be inbuilt in the mark, no way i'm paying points for that!)
Same way, havoc launchers are good for nurgly squads (defensive, less movemnts) and bad for khorny squads (offensive, lots of zooming). Also, never mix melta & plasma. i'd just go with dual plasma to make the Plague squad a midifeld shooty menace. Even the p.fist on the plague champion is a bit meh: he already wounds on 4+... spare points.
This said, with so many suggested trimmings, you should be able to squeeze in 5 marines with melta, combimelta and a rhino with combimelta. That would make you safer against MC's and AV's. Also, a body more with the khornate unit and some less on the plague unit, they don't need that many bodies.

ELITES: (the bad news :D )
Helbrutes...i don't always field helbrutes, but when i do, i use the Murderfist pack formation: 3 helbrutes, all deepstriking, all IWND. Nuff said. I strongly suggest that. Otherwise just do as Uveron says, i'd go the same route.
Chosens. ARGH! way too many eggs in one basket man. I can see your plan: you want a mobile melee threat able to take on any opponent, but that's not the way, sadly. First, disembarking from the rhino they are sitting ducks for a turn, then you have mixed weapons, not taking full advantage from both flamers or meltas the turn you shoot, then you have plasma pistol, wich is a bummer trust me, the you have MoS and the icon and fists and...oh boy, more than 300 pts in a squishy unit. A regular opponent will do just one thing to neuter this unit: wait until you disembark and then wreck them with a couple of plasmacannons, or even a single battle cannon shot and so on. (also, havoc launcher is no good for this moving unit)
My suggestion, then, is to forget about the mega-melee-chosen-unit and embrace the way of the Hydra: many heads striking simoultaneously.Almost same points you can have: 2 units of 5 chosens with 2 meltaguns + meltabombs champion + rhino w/dirgecaster. Those units can and should support hte Khorne marines with hatch melta shooting and maybe, if needed, a daring charge in support of another unit.

HEAVY SUPPORT: the triple ectoplasma has its perks, but imo, it's too short ranged, you need long range support. Anyway, let's keep it and scare some terminators!
Vindicator & Predator: you really have enough antitank but lack anti infantry. I'd drop the vindi and take 2 dakkapredators: 2 X Predator, bolter sponson, TL bolter, havoc launcher. CHeaper, deadlier, longer range.

So, my suggested list would be:

Chaos Lord, MoN, Power Weapon, SoCorruption, BBoS (150) (you want him with the small marine squad, not with the plagues, for offensive duty, or with the plagues for defensive duties)

10 Marines, MoK, Icon of wrath, 2 meltaguns, power fist
rhino w/dirge caster (265)

7 Plague Marines
2 plasmaguns
rhino w/ havoc launcher & combiplasma (255)

5 Traitor Marines
Rhino w/combimelta

5 Chosens
2 meltaguns
rhino w/dirgecaster

5 Chosens
2 meltaguns
rhino w/dirgecaster

3 ectoplasma cannons

2 Predators
Heavy bolters, Havoc launcher, combibolter
(112 X 2= 224)

(At this stage, by trimming 40-50 pts you could make this a legal 1500 pts list!)

-Murderfist Pack-
3 Helbrutes, multimelta, heavy flamer (345)

Now you are at 1889 or something more, i made point calculation by memory alone.

Hope that helps, cheers and GLORY TO CHAOS!!
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