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In all fairness the game is pretty good, the movement and shooting could have been limited to the way the actual tabletop game is played (movement then shooting- as in the NDS WH40K game), but the graphics arent that bad. The still picture taken does not take into account the aminations when they are in full swing. The effects are what you would expect from this form of game. It won't have the same level of detail as the Space Marine game, but hey, thats funding for you.

I am one of those who bought it off steam, and I must say Im pretty impressed with it. Only £20.00 for the download. I do agree that the size comparison of the models is WAY off, but if it is based on a hexagraphic template then it is not that bad.

It does remind me of the planteary empires campaign set, which if you are into that kind of thing, is ok.

You are able to upgrade the forces gradually, according to points you aquire by holding specific hexes on the map, and these points do carry over into the other missions. The choice of upgrade is VAST (especially the astra militarum vehicles). However, some of the weapons do outperform others, which you would expect it to be the other way round ( lasguns doing more damage then a demolisher cannon? WTF!?)

IMO I like this game. I have played it for a few hours and am pretty content with the game and its gameplay dynamic. A few tweaks (possibly bring in other A.M. forces preent on Armageddon) and limiting the movement as what you would expect for troops in the traditional game would be appreciated, It would also be better if the dimension issues were adjusted to represent their correct sizes in relation to other units on the map.

Overall I would probably give it 6.5/10. A few changes, possibly a patch to help adjust some issues with distance and movement/ shooting would bring the score up for me, but it does represent what would actually happen on a battelfield I guess :)
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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