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Are heavy bolters decent?

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I was thinking about either including a dakka pred or a squad of havocs with 4 heavy bolters in my army because I like hoolding big fistfuls of high strength dice in my hands, and was wondering if they are a viable option over say plasma weapons or reaper autocannons for my budding Chaos Army. As a former tyranids player I was always quite terrified of heavy bolters since they would mow down my carnifexes with ease, but that was 4th ed and I am really not sure if they are decent vs all opponents or not. All of my friends scoff at heavy bolters as useless but I think they have potential and I wass hoping that I am not the only one who thinks this. Thanks in advance!
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Were the heavy bolters costing 3 points, they would be ok. A mid strenght, mid range weapon is handy, if spammed enough. However, they cost same as an autocannon, wich has more strenght and more range.
So, yeah, basically HB is the retarded cousin of the autocannon.
If only HBs had Pinning...
I may be kind of out of line here but since in the fluff the most common heavy weapon for a standard squad of 10 marines to have is the heavy bolter, so why not make it free with the purchase of a squad and then make it upgrade-able to plasma etc rather than making one marine's bolter upgradeable?
I like it! Nice idea.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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