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I was discussing that this morning with some others. Basically, our read on it is that you can't "Use" and item, not that you can't be affected by it.

As such, all active abilities, anything that says may or can, anything that you can choose to use, will not work, but anything that is constant, like an armour bonus, LD bonus, MR, ect. will work.

So, no Scrolls, Potions, "One use only" items, bound spells, items that say "you can do this" or "you may do that", but everything else is fine.

As an example, the Luck stone (wearer can reroll a single failed armour save) would not work, as the wearer must elect to use it, while the Dawnstone (wearer rerolls all failed armour) would work, as the wearer does not use it, but is affected by it.
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