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Hey everyone. I've just been thinking a bit on what the rules will be like for the lord of my Khornate Legion (the Brass Stampede): Arctos Gorehowl. I suppose in the weakest sense I'll play him as a counts-as Bloodthirster, and in large games as An'ggrath. Otherwise, I think he deserves some rules of his own.

I've previously written a couple blurbs of fluff for him:

Arctos Gorehowl's Introduction:

Arctos Gorehowl's Ascension:

And in case you're interested, some WIP shots:

So without further adieu, here are the proposed rules:

Arctos Gorehowl on Warp Dragon: 600 points

This unit is a Lord of War

WS9 BS5 S8 T8 I5 W6 A5 Ld10 Sv2+

Unit Type: Flying Gargantuan Creature (Character)

- Master-crafted Plasma Pistol
- Frag & Krak Grenades
- Heartseeker
- Brass Hellplate
- Warp Dragon

Special Rules:
- Blood for the Blood God!
- Skulls for the Skull Throne!
- Daemon of Khorne
- Mark of Khorne
- Veterans of the Long War

Heartseeker: A gift from the Bloodfather himself for millennia of slaughter and tribute. The daemon dwelling within the blade is ever eager to repeatedly pierce the most vulnerable parts of a chosen victim’s body with uncanny accuracy and greedily drink in their blood.
- Heartseeker is a weapon with the following profile:
o S: User AP: 2 Type: Melee, Daemon Weapon, Specialist Weapon, Precision Strikes

Brass Hellplate: Arctos Gorehowl commissioned this suit of daemonic armor from the legendary Khornate warpsmith Hamarr Steelgnasher. Its thick brass plates have deflected many bullets and turned aside many stout blades in combat.
- Brass Hellplate provides a 2+ armor save and a 4+ invulnerable save

Warp Dragon: This daemonic reptilian behemoth was soul-bound to Arctos Gorehowl to represent his ascension as a chosen lord of Khorne. Whether summoned from the warp or banished back to the nightmare domain, their inexorable bond forever prevents their separation.

- Balebreath: The warp dragon is capable of breathing gouts of daemonic flame, incinerating flesh effortlessly.
o Balebreath is a shooting attack with two profiles which depend on the model’s flight mode:
§ Gliding: Range: Template S: 5 AP: 3 Type: Assault 1, Soul Blaze
§ Swooping: Range: Template S:5 AP: 3 Type: Assault 1, Soul Blaze, Torrent

- Wing cyclone: The warp dragon stoops into a dive before abruptly beating its enormous wings to slow its meteoric descent, kicking up strong gusts of wind around itself.
§ If the model switches flight modes from swooping to gliding, after it moves all infantry models within 6” of its base must take a Pinning test. Bulky and Very Bulky models are immune to this effect, in addition to any other models normally immune to the effects of Pinning.


Any feedback would be appreciated. I think I'm usually accused of making things too powerful, so I'd like to hear if I did that again here.

Notice no Strength D nonsense, no Strength 10 AP1, no Instant Death, and so on. I tried to make his rules fit his fluff, for what it's worth.

Thanks for reading!

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That is a nice background and rules for Arctos. It is definitely not overpowered, and I like the wing cyclone, fluffy and appropriate, yet not too strong. I think you could make heartseeker more of a lance-type weapon, with maybe +1 strength or +d3 attacks on the charge? The model is also excellent. The bloodthirster wings look great in that position, much better than on the actual bloodthirster model.
Thanks very much! It's been a while since I've worked on him. One of these days I'll have to finish building the bastard. One of the challenges is going to be sculpting some of the wing membrane that connects the wings to the dragon's back. Maybe a base of thin plasticard with green stuff on top will make it easiest.
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