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Archon + Fire dragons bomb

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I'm new to posting in the tactica section but I would love to hear what people think about this and to clear up some quite complicated rules issues.

Note1: [I also may have totally missed something in the rules that prevents me from combining these units so apologies in advance if this is the case.]

The Combination:

110 - Archon , Blast Pistol, webway portal
Blaster: 18", str8, ap2, Lance, Assault 1
Webway: "If a model with a webway portal is in Reserves or Ongoing Reserves, then the model and any unit it has joined or is embarked upon has the Deep Strike special rule. This model, and his unit, will not scatter if arriving from Deep Strike Reserve."

132 - 6 Fire Dragons
Melta gun: 12", str8 , ap1 , assault 1, melta

Total: 242

Against an AV12 imperial knight with no saves these 7 models will inflict 6.652777778 hull points

I'd also take an autarch to modify the reserve rolls.
I prefer this to trucking my fire dragons up the board and getting shot to sh** before I make it to the enemy.
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Rather than Fire Dragons, why not try it with Wraithguard with Scythes?

It solves the issues that result from foot slogging, costs the same as a Wave Serpent, and will kill just about anything in the game. Especially once your Jetseer blesses them.

Admittedly, it's an expensive unit and there are some issues with placement, but that is solvable through trickiness.
I'd prefer the Scythes backed up by Doom. They're almost guaranteed to kill whatever you point them at and who wants to charge into 5d3 StrD hits? Especially if you put a Farseer for Invisibility or a Spiritseer for Protect in with them as well.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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