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So I just finished reading this, and I enjoyed it, but must say I am just a little confused by the ending.

It seems to me that the thing Cyrus was dealing with in "Fateweaver" was obviously Kairos, but then in "Accursed Eternity" the thing they fight laughs at the inquisitor for wrongly believing he was Fateweaver.

Was he lying to the inquisitor? Was the thing Cyrus dealing with lying to him? Did I miss something somewhere?

I like how to book looped back onto itself.
Very old post but I just finished the book.
I have some questions if you are still active.
How is the Astartes stuck on the Accursed Eternity in a time loop, won't the others who escaped also be in the same loop as he sees the Astartes priest again and again at the mercy of the demon ? Are the other ghosts in the ship also in a time loop ?
Also if that astartes equipment deteriorating doesn't he get older also ? Yes Astartes are long lived but certainly not immortal.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts