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Arc Angel chapter, very detailed

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Arc-Angels space marine chapter

House Of The Grand Lord Makavehli

Grand Lord Sergian Makavehli.- Chapter Master of the Arc-Angels

-"The Guardian Angels"- The Grand Lords Personal Bodyguard
-"Blue Angel" Seraph Mevlen
-6 Guardian Angels

1st Battle Captain- Vazilli Kultzer
2nd Battle Captain- Mason Rockwell
3rd Battle Captain- Cassius Corvex

Defenders Of The Grand Lords House
"The Swords"- Personal Honour Guard to the Grand Lord or 1st Battle Captain
-Sergeant Milos Danikov
-9 Battle brothers

"The Blades"- Fierce warriors who wear the armour of the deceased 1st company
-Sergeant Alexander Septle
-4 Veterean Battle brothers

"The Clibanarii"- Ancient Battle brothers who wear the chapters surviving suites of terminator armour
-Sergeant Gabriel Vitellius
-4 Veterean Terminators

Choir of the Emperor's Word

Chaplain Erramis Cortswaine- Master of Sancticty
Chaplain Ewan Ophelin- Reclusiarch/1st Preacher
Chaplain Jehoel Sameal- Reclusiarch/2nd Preacher

Library of the Palace Sanctuary

Chief Librarian Herrod Appossus- Chief Librarian of the Arc-Angels
Codicier Ignus Vendus- Guardian of the Chapters History, 1st prime of Appossus
Lexicanum Amus Norvelex- Battle Librarian, Apprentice of Chief Appossus

Choir Of the Palace Medicae

Apothecary Trentus Argalium- Chief surgeon of the Grand Lord, Head Of the Apothecarion
Apothecary Ideusases Organiel- Junior Apothercary
Apothecary Wendon Issius- Junior Apothecary

Full staff of servitors and assistants who perform the menial tasks for Apothecary Argalium

Choir Of the Mechanicum

Tech-Marine Angelo Bellarius- Chief Techmarine Of the Arc Angels Armoury
Tech-Marine Queten Ferul- Apprentice Tech-Marine to Bellarius

Choir Of the Ancients

Ancient Morozev- Former 1st Sergeant entombed within a dreadnought shell

Ancient Termallus- Former Chief Techamrine and instructor of Angelo Bellarius

The Arc-Angel Warrior Choir

1st Infantry Squad- 1st Sergeant Quinn Riley
- 9 Battle Brothers

2nd Infantry Squad- Sergeant Illian Gernor
- 9 Battle Brothers

3rd Infantry Squad- Sergeant Zendar Heliosera
- 9 Battle Brothers

4th Infantry Squad- Sergeant Mecius Dortanum
- 9 Battle Brothers

5th Infantry Squad- Sergeant Darhmen Nessius
- 9 Battle Brothers

1st Devastator Squad- Sergeant Nhillis Narcone
- 4 Battle Brothers

1st Scout Auxillia Squad- Sergeant Jared Caiin
- 9 Scout Auxillia's

2nd Scout Auxillia Squad- Sergeant Marcus Precentor
- 4 Scout Auxillia's

Armoured Choir of the Emperor's Wrath

4 Rhino APC Transports- "Murders Chariot"
- "Delivarence"
- "Steed of Vengence"
- "Emperor's warhorse"

2 Predator class battle tanks- Destructor Pattern-"The Hammer"
- Ahnihalator Pattern- "The Sickle"

1 Whirlwind missle tank- "White Justice"

1 Land Raider- "Crucifixium"

Forces of the Lord Inquisitor Silas Hoth

Inquisitor Lord Silas Hoth of the Ordo Xenos

-Inquisitor Hoth's Personal Bodyguard- Sergeant Damin Lowkom
- 8 Inquisitorial stormtroopers

Inquisitor Adrian Hoth of the Ordo Malleus

-Personal bodyguards/Death-cult Assasins- Mila, Milo

-Deathwatch kill team- Librarian Gregor Maldenta, of the Ultramarines
- 5 Deathwatch battle brothers

-2 Companies (400 soldiers) of Inquisitorial guardsmen

1 Chimera Transport "Temper's Chariot"

1 Basilisk siege tank "Holy Smite"

Forces of Angelis Prime and Secundus

-5 Companies (1000 soldiers) of PDF Guardsmen

-1 Arbites Precint- 35 Judges 1 Marshal of the court, Poalo Guemez

Battle groupe Heavenly might

-Space marine Battle barge "Celestial Fury"
- 2 Space marine strike cruisers- "Raven's claw"
"Fury's fist"
- 1 Mars Class Battlecruiser "Ash's fate"
- 1 Firestorm class battle frigate " No Mercy"
-1 Orbital space station " Port Sellus"

- 1 Black Ship ( It remains docked at a facility on the moon of Angelis, it serves as flagship for Inquisitor Silas Hoth and his son Inquisitor Adrian Hoth. It makes its rounds and goes to Terra but it uses Angelis as its resupply and main docking point. No more information is knowm about it or the facility, only first captain Kultzer has ever been there and has never spoken of it.)
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Yeah love the detail might do something like this but my chapter=D
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