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Voting for

Voting in this deathmatch should be based not just on painting skill, but also for application of different painting techniques, individual artist improvement, creativity and originality etc.

In order to vote, you must pick your favourite 3 entries and list them in order of favourite to least favourite. For example I would vote:

1) Dave T Hobbit (favourite)
2) humakt (second favourite)
3) Viscount Vash (third favourite)

If you vote for an entry as your favourite that entry will recieve 3 points, if you vote for an entry as your second favourite it will recieve 2 points and if you vote for an entry as your third favourite it will recieve 1 point. Once voting is finished I will add up all of the results and the winner will be announced.

If you have entered but do not cast your vote, then no votes for you will count. This is to encourage voting and to ensure that we at least get some votes. If there are fewer than four entries, you do not have to cast all your votes.

Voting will close at midnight GMT on 8 May 2015. Any votes cast after this time will be disregarded. If you do not vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd then your vote will also be disregarded.

Awards are as follows:
Participation: 1 reputation
3rd Place: 2 reputation
2nd Place: 3 reputation
1st Place: 4 reputation, receive Mark of Slaanesh during the quarterly Heresy Online Awards


The Entries are below. There are more photographs of some entries in the Entry Thread:

Khorne's Fist

Tha Tall One



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1, Khorne's Fist - Great minis, and a subtle but effective colour scheme. I'd buy them just to look at them.
2. Tha Tall one - Those shields are just ace.
3. Roganzar - The gore drenched banner is a great touch.

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1) The Tall One
That freehand is amazing and something I have the utmost respect for. While I think the other details on the minis are a bit lacking in comparison, these skills have earned you a 1st ranking this month from me.

2) Khornes Fist
The color theme and execution are spot on. Stellar work old buddy - If I were to give any criticism, it would be a lack of OSL on the coffins, making the flames seem a bit inanimate. Great work none-the-less!

3) R_Squared
Who doesn't like a good and colorfull Ork.Some very nice shade work and I like the overall muted scheme you have going, never going overboard and yet keeping them very alive. Thumbs up!

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1. Tha Tall One. The shields are just the cherry on top of an all round great job.
2. R_Squared. The skin tones on both the Orks and squigs are excellent.
3. Roganzar. As R_Squared said, the banner is a nice touch, and you got a nice brass effect on the swords. I do think they could do with a spot colour somewhere though, just to break up all the reds and oranges.

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1. R-Squared. Those Orcs are nicely done. I do like the skin and the checkers.
2. Khornes Fist. What Nordicus said.
3. Roganzar. The banner and weapons look nice, but the bodies seem a bit flat. However, knowing some of your other work, I'm inclined to believe that's probably due to the lighting of the photograph.

Thanks for the votes and comments. @Nordicus, I'm happy to hear any suggestions for further improvement!

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1. Khorne's Fist
2. Tha Tall One
3. Roganzar

Great work to all though.

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Very cool!

1. Khorne's Fist amazing, love the water
2. R_Squared WUT no grots! Git make to werk lads!
3. Roganzer mmmm daemons... I see lava!

Great job by all. I would love to see some close ups of the troopys!


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1) Khorne's Fist
2) The Tall One
3) R-Squared

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Khorne's First: Clean and look great! I really like the colour selection as well.

The Tall One: The free hand work is done extremely well!

R_Squad: The black and white checkers/stripes/swirls are very well done. I also like the subtle green highlight, it makes the faces really pop.

Roganzar: I strongly feel that the photo does not do your squad justice. I don't know what it is but a lot of the colour is drowned out and its hard to make out anything other then there is red on the models. I know this is not the case but i can't zoom in or anything to take a better look.

Great Job by everyone! Keep up the good work!
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