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APOCALYPTICON UK 2014 - 7th, 8th & 9th November 2014 @ Slayer Gaming, Mansfield, Notts
Animosity Events and Slayer Gaming are proud to present APOCALYPTICON UK 2014!

These are the End Times.

Worlds burn and stars grow dim. Throughout millennia of unremitted bloodshed, butchery and genocide the galaxy has been torn asunder. Humanity and their xenos allies stagger on the brink of extinction, relentlessly assailed by the incessant hordes of darkness. All hope appears lost.

An alliance of the remaining forces of good converges on one star system, thousands of warships disgorging legions of troops and materiel, determined to make a bitter last stand against the legions of evil. Slavering hordes of darkness swoop down from the stars, bringing with them the promise of slaughter. Across the blasted wastes of one world billions of warriors will fight, supported by a million tanks, gunships and titans. They will all perish; but with their deaths, they hope to save a dying galaxy. These are the End Times.

Welcome to Apocalypticon.

Event info
Animosity Events and Slayer Gaming are proud to present – for the first time in the UK – the official APOCALYPTICON UK 2014!

APOCALYPTICON UK is an official extension of the hugely successful annual Apocalypticon games in the US, brought together and hosted by Miniwargaming.com. As custodians of the event within the United Kingdom, Animosity and host venue Slayer Gaming would like to invite you along to the first ever Apocalypticon UK.

Those of you who are familiar with Apocalypticon and Miniwargaming.com will be aware that it is an Apocalypse game of immense proportions. Players are encouraged to bring enormous armies, colossal titans, gargantuan creatures and vast swathes of regular tanks and infantry for one crazy weekend of Warhammer 40k Apocalypse madness. As such, the minimum ‘pledge’ per player is 5000 points, and the aim on the weekend is to field more than a quarter of a million points between all of us!

Tickets are £30 for the weekend and this includes your exclusive Apocalypticon UK 2014 t-shirt and game pack! Tickets are available from Slayer Gaming on 01623 232961 and will be delivered via email to the email address you supply.

Key features

- Ridiculous amounts of super heavies, gargantuan creatures, knights and titans!
- Hordes of infantry ready for the slaughter!
- Apocalypticon t-shirt!
- Apocalypticon game pack with poster centrefold!
- Prizes!
- A legendary weekend of wargaming!

Rules pack
Here's the link to the rule pack for download: APOCALYPTICON RULES PACK

So, what are you waiting for? Come along to the forums, sign up and join in the build-up at: http://www.forum.animositywargaming.co.uk

Let the carnage begin!

The Animosity & Slayer Kru

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Ooooo Sounds like a good reason to get some titans done and go titan huntings!

Can we bring non standard Super heavies?
Quick answer is yes! In the pack there is a section about non-standard stuff where we request that players submit for scrutiny any PDFs or rules you might have. Link to the pack is in the opening post.

Also, here's a link to the Apocalypticon thread on the Animosity forums where you will find further, in-depth discussions. Feel free to post any more questions here or over there!

Hope to see you there!


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