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Well, since apocalypse came out, i only played 1 non-apocalyptic game. Basically, i play decent apocalyptic games, but i want to get a bit better. I can play 4000pts if i want, 5000pts if maxed out, but not many people can play that much, so in a 3000 point game what should i use? Here's what a have:

Terminator lord/sorcerer
5 chosen
5 terminators
5 possesed
5 havocs
25 marines
7 plague marines
10 krone berzerkers, w/ champ with power fist
Land raider ( I usually put berzerkers in it, since the assult ramp)
2 spawn ( may be used in case sorcerer has gift of chaos)
Baneblade (i made it look chaos-ish)

A few necrons:
30 warriors
1 on foot lord
2 lords on destroyer body
5 destroyers
2 wraiths
1 tomb spyder

And new orks (not so many points):
10 boyz
1 runt herder/slaver with "gretchin" if thats what they're called
6 lootas
5 burnas
1 stompa/big mek stompa

please tell me equipment, powers for sorcerer, and so on. Thanks for your guy's time

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Looks pretty fun, but it might be even cooler to get some datasheets filled up.

(I don't have the Apoc book, but I don't recognize any formations)

Chaos Baneblade = fun
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