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Hey guys and gals! I've got an apocalypse match soon and just need help Tweaking a ruleing (?) on an objective.

Right so i want to have a model on the field that i can take to my board edge and gain two points for it (Just to say, everyone is cool with this!). i was thinking that if my unit comes within 3" let say, then the model becomes part of the unit and may walk at 6", can't embark onto a transport Etc. (he can also die, in which case i only get one :( and also this guy doesn't really like my chapter and vise versa)

Stats for model i think are:

WS: 3 BS: 3 S: 3 T: 4 W: 2 I: 3 A: 2 Ld: 10 Sv: +5/++5

My question is what should i do when there isn't a unit within 3"? I was orignally thinking that he can wander D6" randomly with a scatter dice but then decided this was rather silly (yes, Walk right infront of the titan you silly man!). Then came up that i had to find him first. 4+ he is in cover piece Initiative test, if fail haven't found him, if passed then he joins group yadda yadda yadda. So i thought that he could run to the nearest piece of cover and then 'hide' again.

Thoughts? :victory:

P.S any replies to this would be helpful and as an added bouns i'll put up the fluff i made from my Army's Point of view :biggrin:

(mind you it's bloody hard to come up with reasonable and fun fluff when the teams are:

Team One:
Player One (me): Space Marines (rouge but not for Chaos either)/Imperial Guard (same as space marines)
Player Two: Loyal Space marines with orks

Team Two:
Player Three: Ulthwe Eldar
player Four: Necrons

Team Three:
Player Five: Black Templars
player Six: Tyranids

Black templars and 'Nids is a toughy without the "OMGZAZAFAIOJ!!!!!!! TEMPLARS CONTROL NIDS!!!!" crap... on top of that: Bloody Eldar and Necrons!!!)

Anyway slight rant over enjoy the (ten minute fluff) i made:

(Very quick note: Hunter squads are Tactical marines and Seeker squads are Scouts)

Drago Was sat in his chair, donned in the *********** armour of his rank, searching for an object he had been sent out to seek. The Alpha Hunter had given him permission to take a small detachment of Forces from Wolf force Tharak. Only two Hunter Squads and a Seeker Squad were taken, with their Transport Vehicles. He Personal guard, named “The Dragon’s Talons”, were Sat meditating down in the Forest Room.

Given the nature of the Mission, A force of Guardsmen were also taken and gladly appreciated. A Command squad from the Urban Foxes Infantry Regiment as well as an infantry platoon came onboard the Frigate, nicknamed “Wolf’s Head”. Surprisingly Two Sentinel Pilots from the Winter Wolfs Armoured Regiment, Know only as “Grizzled Wolf” and “Sneaky Husky”, Pledged to help get the job done.

Drago rubbed his forehead until the Red Alert Alarm Broke his trail of thought and announced that unknown vessels were orbiting a nearby Planet. Drago Rose from his seat and took his own Crafted force weapon. He proceeded to the helm of the ship, His Guard only two steps behind with lightning claws ready and pistols out, and looked outside into space from the window inside the helm.

A Pilot Looked behind him, Stood up straight, saluted, and Shouted “Sir!” the others did the same. “At ease Gentlemen, Give me a status Report” Requested Drago. The operator from the comms stood up and ran to Drago, with the report in hand, handing over the information requested. “Good man!” happily said Drago “Get back to your post in case we get any transmission from the other vessels”.
“Sir! Right away sir!” Replied the comms-operator. Drago opened the file and began reading it, not liking what he saw.

Black Templers, Reports of Necron sightings, Tyranid hive fleet approaching, Orks rampaging throughout the planet with what seemed like rouge Space marines. Drago smiled at this. Isn’t that what we are? He continued reading; skipping boring things like the PDF forces are scattered and such. He closed the file and gave it to the Captain of the ship. “Order’s my lord?” Asked the leader of Drago’s guard. Just as Drago was about to reply a massive Eldar Strike veesel Came from the portside within a couple of miles.

“Shut down all Systems! Now!” barked Drago. The operators and pilots, used to this action, hit the ‘dead’ switch on their controls and the ship was in complete darkness, save the light that came from space. He instantly, using a special power that came from his combined gene-seed, cloaked the entire ships presence in the warp. “Grrr! Xeno scum!” angrily growled one of the guards.

“Captain, when I give you the word, power up the engines and turn starboard. Slowly, got it?” Drago Said. The captain nodded and stood by, ready to give the order when Drago’s mark came. The massive Eldar Strike vessel bore the markings of ulthwẻ. It slowly passed them and headed towards the planet. Drago gave the mark and suddenly the ship came to life and slowly steered starboard.

When they were far enough away, only then did Drago uncloaked the ship. As powerful as the frigate was, which had been modified for stealth missions but packed a massive payload, it wouldn’t stand a chance against the black templar fleet, let alone a Craftworld! “Captain! Tell the men to be ready in four hours got it?” asked Drago.
“Sir! Right away, anything else sir?” replied the captain. Drago shook his head so with that the captain Saluted, Shook Drago’s hand and said “good luck sir”.
When the captain went to announce the message, Drago turned to the Leader of his guard and said “tell our men to do their rituals within the next hour and ready”.
“Very well my lord. Dragons! Move!” Barked the leader and the Guards walked out of the helm. Drago Himself Walked back into his cabin and began to trace the planet for what he had been searching for. He found it and smiled. We’ve got that bastard now he thought to himself.

Two Hours later. A voice came into his ear “Sir! This is the captain! The Rouge space marines are hailing us!” What do they want, I wonder… Drago stood up and walked back to the helm with force weapon in hand again. Once again the pilots and operators saluted then returning back to their tasks. “Put them through” said the captain. The screen Flickered on and what they saw was a Space marine captain, with what seemed like his bodyguards behind him, angrily looking at Drago and the captain.

“You called?” Drago said with humour in his voice. The captain produced a smirk on his face but tried to hide it. “This is not the time for fun and games! We need some support damm it!” Furiously Shouted the Space marine captain. Drago Replied simply with “Loyal?”
“How dare you accuse us of turning to chaos!” ”Those bastard black Templars think we have!” “Just because we use Orks for our dirty work!” all shouted the Space marines Captain Bodyguards.

“I see… you do realise that we are not loyal to the emperor or the dark gods?” Asked Drago. The space marine captain face instantly turned hard and thoughtful. With a grunt, the space marine captain replied ”we’re fighting a losing battle and the black Templers believe that we have turned from the emperor’s holy light. I see no other alternatives.” Drago nodded and motioned for the captain to continue. Once he had finished, Drago said in a stone cold voice, “we shall help you, but I swear, if this is a trick or you shoot us in the back, you can consider your chapter gone.” The space marine captain Grunted and said “so we are in agreement then?” Drago looked at the “wolf’s head” captain and the captain nodded. With a lungful of air, Drago replied “very well, give us your coordinates and we shall be there within the next three hours.” A smile appeared on the space marine captain’s lips and the channel closed.

Drago turned to the captain and requested “if we get anymore hails from them, report to me. Got it?” The captain nodded and with that Drago returned to his cabin once again and began his rituals of the hunter and the dragon. Two hours later. The ship slowly began to go towards the planet and getting ready to engage. Men playing their last card games and downing their last bottles of alcohol, they boarded their transports and sat, waiting for the signal for the drop.

The marines Finishing their last private rituals and meditations, donned their gear and got into their vehicles, waiting for the storm of the battle. Drago and his Guards, looking patience and deadly as dragons, climbed onto the drop pod named “Land Hawk” Getting ready for the heat of the fires of battle and prepared their minds for the events to come.

Hope you enjoyed the fluff and help in my predicament! :victory:

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How about making each objective potentially the guy, as you capture them roll die to see if it is your man, 6+ first objective, 5+ second etc

Have him gone to ground somewhere, that would explain why you arent quite sure where he is?

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Thing is, Each Team is going to have a seperate Objective :p apart from killing the living crap outta each other.
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