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Yea the game as the title states was between my chaos marines and daemons and my opponents marines. The terrain is a normal sized board with 2 large 8 story buildings and around 5 CD disc sized bushes. The rest was open ground. I was going to play everything I had verses everything I had (which was 3000 in CSM steel brethren and 1500 in CD) against his stuff. Unforutnatley he was short several hundred points so I had to drop my tower of skulls, 2 chaos lords, 10 possessed, 9 terminators, and 17 plague marines to even the playing field. :cray: No strategems.

My stuff (that I'm using)

Chaos daemons

Lord of change


10 bloodletters

2 bloodcrushers

5 flamers

5 horrors

5 plaguebearers

1 soul grinder

2 princes (1 khorne 1 nurgle)


Chaos sorceror

20 chaos marines (2 squads of 10)

9 thousand sons

10 berzerkers

2 rhinos

1 land raider

1 vindicator

1 dreadnaught

4 oblits (2 squads of 2)

his stuff

4 chapter masters (seriously! :angry:)

1 force commander

1 librarian

30 marines (3 squads of 10)

5 vanguard vets

5 stormguard vets

10 terminators (2 squads of 5)

1 thunder fire cannon

2 ironclad dreadnaughts

5 devastators

1 predator

1 land speeder storm

1 rhino (squad of marines)

1 razorback (stormguard)

(this battle was over a 2 weeks ago so I apologize if things don't seem to match up in certain parts)

mission objectives. objective one crashed chaos fighter which has been inserted in a nice bush. Objective two is a barrel with a happy face on it... it also has TNT glued to it's back, but anyway its on the left side of my opponents building next to the fighter. Three is the torso of a defiler placed next to the opponents building.

Deployment on my side. We're diagnol to each other. A line goes from one edge to the other seportaing the twin towers (game club inside joke) from each other with no mans land. The 1 building half as tall as me on my side is where I deploy the obliterators and thousand sons. The oblits in the 6th floor and ksons on the bottom floor. All my armor is set up on the right of the building. while the left side stays clear and barren.

Deployment on his side. He places the devastators on his 7th floor building and his thunder fire cannon on the 3rd floor. On the bottom floor 10 marines wait. Right next to the building an ironclad awaits enemies. On the left side of his building the other ironclad, 1 predator, 1 rhino, 1 razorback, 2 squads of 5 termies, 1 land speeder, 20 marines, 3 chapter masters and a librarion are all dug in the forest made up of 5 peices of terrain all his HQ's are going solo but are in the back of the marine force. He also has 1 chapter master and force commander just outside the buildig waiting to attack. His vanguard are all he reserves.

Battle plan. My plan is to have all the vehicles storm his bulding for the defiler's remains. The daemons are gonna tie up the forces in the jungle while the ksons creep out the building and claim the happy barrel. If the daemons manage to secure the chaos fighter then thats a bonus. The oblits meanwhile forcus fire on anything and everything that's dangerous.

My turn 1. movement. It's raining cats and dogs... from hell. I get the group I want in from the daemons which would be the horrors, grinder, lord of change, plaguebearers, and the flamers. Lord of change pops up in between the predator and the squad of footslogging marines. Horrors try to land behind the predator, instead deviate right next to it. The flamers land next to the terminators. Plaguebearers land in between the a terminator squad and a librarian. (did I mention the Librarian was in termy armor?) On the right side of my building, the chaos tank parade surges forward. The chaos dreadnaught angered that he can't move as fast as the other vehicles stops and takes aim at the chaos rhino... with a mulit melta.

My turn 1 shooting. What a helluva way to die. Soul grinder spits an explosive loogie at the 10 man squad of marines. The wind blows the loogie back in his face. No one was harmed thankfuly. The lord of change activates his bolt and shoots it at the predator, blowing off... nothing aparently. Then he gives a marine his daemonic gaze. The marine is reduced to gibbering wreck :crazy:. He's too far away from anything to use his daemonic breath so he can no longer shoot this turn. Horrors point blank with their own bolt but somehow manage to miss and hit a random bird. The plaguebearers back away from the termies slowly. The flamers take the time to blow fire on the terminator squad when the flame disapates 1 terminator is left. Meanwhile the jealous dreadnaught wrecks his own teams rhino. The chaos space marines jump out the vehicle and slap a restraining order on the evil refridgerator afterwards. Obliterators shoot at the ENEMY rhino and manage wreck it.

opponents turn 1 movement. Back away slowly. The 3 bald guys with large weapons move forward to attack the daemons. The predator backs away from the parrot of tzeentch, afariad it might try to peck it. Everything else takes aim.

opponents turn 1 shooting. Say hello to my little friend! The marines who just lost a guy to the lord of change's gaze pay him back with a barrage of bolt shells. Big bird shruggs it off. The predator tank's machine gun blows a horror a 5th hole. That hole then grows teeth and a tongue. The thunderfire cannons fires into the vindicator, removing the demolisher cannon. Devastators shoot a bottle cap into the treads of the other rhino, stunning it. A chaos marine gets out to try and pull it out. The 1st terminator squad turn and shoot at the rear of the soul grinder. The soul grinder feels a repeated ping. ping. ping. and laughs at the termies. His laughter stops when the predator gives him a face full of lascannon. The soul grinder is now laying upside down with it's leg twitching every other second.

Opponents turn 1 assault. Assault? With daemons? What do I look like, a grey knight? The librarian terminator and the lone termy Sergeant charge the plague bearers. The plague swords leave nasty smudges on their armor that wont wash easily. In fact the stains will probably try to attack anything that resembles soap. The 2 terminator glance at each other and begin punching, swinging, and shooting wildly at the obeese daemons. When the smoke from their attacks disipate the ground is turned to blackened dust and ruble but the 5 plaguebearers they tried to hit are just standing there looking confused.

My turn 2 movement. The king and I. 2 daemon princes land and join the fray. Since they can't really do anything they glare menacingly at the marines. The horrors move back. The flamers flail wildly in the air over the terminators heads, leaving a trail of smoke all the while. They splat against the ground behind the terminators hard before jumping back up. The lord of change takes 2 steps toward the space marines laughing maniacly all the while for no apparent reason. The tanks (and by tanks I mean land raider and dreadnaught) continue to advance. The vindicator having no demolisher cannon is basicaly worthless and gets left behind. the chaos rhino is still trying to get that bottle cap out the machinery. The thousand sons realise all the loyalist are distracted and begin swiftly walking toward the happy barrel with TNT

My turn 2 shooting. Catch! No not you! Throw it away quick! Horrors shoot their happy buzzer at the terminators. They aim at the terminators but somehow the shot manages to shoot straight in the air. The flamers sigh at the horrors horrible marksmenship before blowing breath on the terminators. When the flames clear the grass is turned blue and there is no trace of the terminators. The lord of change shoots his blue happy buzzer lightning at the predator tank, blowing off the twin linked lascannon. Obliterators fire lascannons at the other ironclad, managing stun it... PAYBACK! (cough) I mean um... now you know how I feel. The second squad of Oblits who up till now shot whatever the first squad shot, wrecked a land speeder. Didn't even get to do anything.

My turn 2 assault. Hey look! Something slower then us! We may have a chance! Um... scratch that! Plaguebearers don't do crap but inflict more soap eating stains on their armor. The 2 terminators actually made an attempt in their attacks and killed 2 but the other plaguebearers didn't care. They'd come back in a few hundred years give or take. Daemon princes glare daggers at the marines, waiting for the deep strike rule to wear off.

Opponent turn 2 movement. Get closer! I want to hit them with my power sword! Chapter master #1 squares off with Lord of change. Chapter masters 2 and 3 are too far away to make a difference right now. Ha ha. Marines from the wrecked rhino, marines who were footslogging, sternguard from the razorback, and the 2 chapter masters form a semi cirlce to counter attack the daemons. Also the vanguard deep strike and land next to the rhinoless chaos marines.

Opponent turn 2 shooting. Imperium strikes back. The left flank fired every weapon they had at the daemons with an unforgiving barrage. the end result was a dead khorn prince and squad of horrors. The lord of change took a wound and the nurgle prince took a wound. Of course being daemons, they didn't care at all. Thunder fire cannon and Devastators rain down on the vehicles but don't do anything. In fact a chaos space marine opened the top hatch of the rhino and flipped them off. Also the vanguard shoot their pistols into the marines but horribly miss.

Opponent turn 2 assault. I will now hit you with this glowing peice of metal repeatedly! Chapter master assaults lord of change. Both of them engage, both slapping away a wound off each other. Librarian and termie Sergeant STILL cant finish those plaguebearers off. The rotting piles of flesh and fat still stand tall against an enemy who stands taller! Also the vanguard can't assault.

My turn 3 movement. My legs are getting tired. The rest of the daemons finally show up. Good timing to. bloodletters, bloodcrushers, and the bloodthirster have come to bring bloody battles. Say that 3 times real fast. They all group up next to the objective. At this point I don't even care. The generic marines chapter has been pushed too far back to be able to recover any objectives they once held save for the defiler. The thousand sons move within 6 of the daemonic and unpredictable barrel of TNT. One more movement phase and it's their's. Weird. No one has bothered to shoot at them yet. The land raider stops just in front of the building wall with the squad of 10 berzekers on the inside. A spectator to our game knowing whats about to happen makes a well timed "uh-oh". Also I move my chaos marines to surround the vanguard squad. The chaos rhino driver finally wakes up and the rhino again takes off toward the building, now within 12 of the objective. Also the dread sees the ironclad guarding the objective and charges toward it with a burst of speed. The cruising rhino driver then looks over to see the dreadnaught sprinting past the it.

My turn 3 shooting. Ever wondered what would happen if you shot someone with an automatic rocket launcher at point blank? Lets find out. Bloodthirster swings his barbed whip at a space marines and sends him flying. The crushers and letters run forward, intent on giving out nasty cuts. Lord of change finishes off the chapter master but not before he knocks the greater daemon down to 1 wound. The thousand sons while moving up, fire inferno bolts at a squad of sternguard. 4 die and the last runs away. They shall know no fear, my ass. The now footslogging chaos marines open up on the vanguard with their meltas, plasmas, and bolters, reducing the squad of 5 vanguard vets to 1 lonely marine. Lord of change shoots at a marine squad next to the predator and kill 3. On a side note the obliterators wreck the ironclad next to my opponent's building much to the displeasure of the chaos dread.

My turn 3 assault. STOP! Hammer time! And by hammer I mean chainaxe. The berzerkers assaulted out the land raider using grenades to blow through the walls. Berzerkers have 2 attacks base, then 1 for the bolt pistol, and another for charging. I have 10 berzerkers. 1 of which is a skull champion. Thats 41 strength 5 attacks. Amazingly only 5 marines died. Broken dice :mad:. The plaguebearers finally bite the dust but not without a reward for their efforts. Currently standing behind the Librarian and terminator are 2 pissed off bloodcrushers ready to assault. They consolidate 2 inches away from the khorn bull riders. Daemon prince of nurgle assaults the marines near the rhino and kills 3 before dieing. Also I assault and kill the lone vanguard with my chaos marines.

Opponent's turn 3 movement. Maybe we should consider running away. The 2 chapter masters hiding behind the building, move up to assault back against the berzerkers. Everything else tries to distance themselves from the daemons. Except the chapter masters who try to assault me.

Opponent's turn 3 shooting. At this point why are we even aiming? Just close your eyes and pull the trigger. You'll hit something. Thunderfire cannon and devastators shoot at the rhino but utterly fail at doing anything to it. The left flank fires at the daemons but amazingly the bloodthirster suffering 2 wounds are the only casulties. Lucky me... or unlucky him. He runs his Chapter masters up with the besiged marines to help them fight off the khorn daemon assault to come. Running out of options eh?

Opponent's turn 3 assaulting. I'll keep still and huncker down thank you very much.

My turn 4 movement. In your face (literally). The flamers land in front of a squad of marines. The bloodletters crowd around the space marine and chapter master #3. The bloodcrushers gain momentum for their charge on the librarian. The bloodthirster lands in front of chapter master #2. Lord of change flies behind the razorback and the horrors get behind the predator. The chaos marines in the rhino drive up next to the defiler and attach a cable to it. Dreadnaught enters the side of the building prepared to assault next turn. The Land raider moves to cover the thousand sons with its massiveness. since the other objective can still be contested by the chapter master or force commander.

My turn 4 shooting. I'm standing 2 feet away from the guy. Why do I need to shoot? The dread shoots his multi melta at the chapter master nearest to him, but it pings off his fancy shield. Flamers roast the marines they're in front of. Lord of change pops the razorback with lightning. Suprisingly the horrors manage to do the same with the predator. Oblits try to shoot the thunder fire but fail to damage it.

My turn 4 assault. FINISH HIM! Bloodletters multi assault the marines and chapter master, slaughtering them all. Bloodcrusher assault and trample the 2 terminators without taking a wound. Bloodthirster charges the last chapter master and inflicts 2 wounds while taking none. Dread assaults into combat with berzerkers.

At this point my opponent surrendors due to his army pretty much being slaughtered. He then realized that each chapter master he had, had the ability to fire orbital bombardment and didn't realise it till AFTER the game :laugh:. I would've told him had I known myself. All in all it was fun. When he gets his points up some or finds a partner I'm introducing the tower of skulls :biggrin:. DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR! Have a nice day.
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