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Apocalypse and Traits

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Certain disadvantages chosen to balance traits seem to go out of the window in Apocalypse. I was thinking about this in relation to Initiate's post here, and his choice of 'We stand alone'.

"That's gonna hurt you in Apocalypse games" I thought. I assume that 'cannot take allies' MUST apply to Apocalypse games, or how is it a disadvantage at all?

Likewise, there's a problem with 'Have faith in suspicion' - cannot take Librarians is fine, but cannot ally with psykers? Rubbish. In Apocalypse, you can have SMs allied to Nids, Orks or Necrons, but not the Inquisition? Preposterous.

Crimson Fists have a disadvatage that gives the one less Heavy, Fast and Elite choice on the FOC chart. Apocalypse has no FOC chart. Ergo, Crimson Fists have no disadvantage.

I'm assuming that the other restrictions - 0-1 on Vet squads etc in Aspire to Glory, etc, would still stand... but there's no real logical reason why they should.


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You can play any army as standard codex armies and i quote

"If you wish to play an army of one of these chapters using the chapter traits rules then these are the traits you must use however using the normal space marine army list without chapter traits is always a valid option and is perfectly represenative of these chapters."

Thats paragraph with the chapters of legend in the space marine codex, i doubt it applies to the more specified chapters like black templars etc.
Did you ignore my post on Crimson Fists not having to use traits. lol :p
Sorry Red Orc i must of overlooked your post by mistake when i saw Son of Horus post :)

On the subject though i doubt the larger scale games will ever be competitive, so i would probably figure something out with who you play with you try get a definate answer from staff at GW.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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