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Hi all,

Building a 3000pt list for an Imperium (SM & Knights) vs Chaos (CSM & Guard with Orks) 9000pt-a-side apocalypse game.

Heres my prototype list I am considering running:

HQ- Librarius Formation:
Chief Librarian Tigurius
Lvl 2 Terminator Librarian with Storm Bolter
3x Lvl 1 Librarians with Power axes/ staves: 500

Troop- 3x Combat Squads
3x Vet. Sgt with 3x Combi plas
1x Plasma Cannon
1x PG
1xLC: 320

Formation: Stormwing Attack Squadron:
2x Stormtalon Gunships: 2x skyhammer ML: 250
1x Stormraven Gunship: T/L Assault Cannon & T/L Multi Melta/ heavy bolter (undecided)
Formation: The Spear of Macragge
Terminus Ultra Land Raider & Sgt Chronus:350
3x Predator Annihilators, 3x Storm Bolters:435
3x Vindicators: 375

Thunderfire Cannon & Techmarine: 100

Fortification: Aegis Defence Line & Quad Gun: 100

Imperial Knight Detachment: Knight Errant: 370

It willbe on a board with some cover, but not too much.

I am considering a more infantry- based list, so what are your thoughts?

(There will be more knights on the imperium side of the board)

Opinions and advice all welcome.

Cheers :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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