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alrighty i just got finished with a 2 on 2 apoc game and had some trouble with some whining on my opponents side about a IC and his abilities when joined with a unit that isnt from the same codex...and i know there are really no set rules to team games

now heres the situation...

my teammate was playing with his eldar and i was playing as orks...now i know that the IC section of the BRB says an IC can join a unit but cant join an opponents unit because of the 1 inch rule, so my teammate had eldrad deployed with a unit of nobz i had...now this is where we had a problem

so with eldrad attached to my nobz my teammate decided to cast fortune on the unit eldrad is with...so the question became is the unit both an eldar and an ork unit or is it just one or the other

ive ran through everything i can think of and nothing says that a eldar IC loses its eldar status as it joins a unit from another codex
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