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Anyone used Wargamersworld to buy stuff?

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I recently came across this site : http://www.wargamersworld.co.uk/
They basically say they have been an ebay business for over 2 years and are now expanding with a webshop and larger assortment of products.
From what I understand they were a bits selling company on ebay but will now sell the entire GW range of products.

I saw a post by them over at BOLS nearly a month ago about them having a sale and responding to emails quickly. I wanted to know more about this sale because Im always on the lookout for great deals, however I never received any replies from them.
I have sent them 2 emails with 2 weeks in between at the start of last month and another today, so far no replies from them. They have no phone number listed on their website which makes me question their legitimacy.

So has anyone used their web shop? or bought from them on ebay?
Are they just slow on email response because they are building up a new web store?
I would like to try them out since they claim they offer 30% off to regular customers but what you have to do to receive that discount is nowhere to be found on their website. Buy once a month from them for 6 months? Buy for at least 200-500£ a month from them?

For the life of me I cant find their post over at BOLS, if only you could browse the recent comments I could find it in seconds since it was on there just a week ago.

Anyways, anyone got any experience with these guys?
Im looking for a new webstore so I would really like to know more about these guys.
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I wouldn't trust this company yet. Give them a few months by that time they might have everything sorted out and if they don't put up a phone number, then you will know if it legit or not. From just their shipping policy alone, I have serious doubt about them. I know I have bad grammar but I can tell that their wording seem somewhat off. It seem that shipping policy from other company are much well written and longer.

I hope that help

Please excuse my grammar and I'm also not good at wording.

First off I just want to apologize to you, as I hope you accept my apology and no hard feeling. What I wrote, I don't mean that you are a bad company whatsoever. I never meant to imply that, I just had doubt only because you are relately new, and I should have worded my comment a little better. Like I wrote to in my reply to madcowcrazy was that to give you guys a few months (I actually thought you guys were a retailer, so I apologize for that as well) to see if everything works out. Once again I usually tend to notice the little details when I view a site and that not necessarily a good or bad things as one should not view a books by its cover. I'm 100% sure now that once everything is up and ready, everything will be sorted out. From what I can tell you have a very good kinded humorous nature and wasn't too taken back by my comment as I didn't really know what to expect.

With that said I hope you accept my apology and if you can tell me more about the 30% (would that be off GW retail prices?) and how does one get this fantastic offer?

Edit: I was looking over your site and since it not completely finish I was wondering you do sell battleforces and box set as well or just bits?
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I'm very glad you accept my apology...3 cheers!

Ahh Tis a shame you are not currently carrying any boxes. Please let us know if you ever decided or just have the boxes (hopefully at that current great pricing) as you know I will be one of your regular.:wink:
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