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Anyone used Wargamersworld to buy stuff?

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I recently came across this site : http://www.wargamersworld.co.uk/
They basically say they have been an ebay business for over 2 years and are now expanding with a webshop and larger assortment of products.
From what I understand they were a bits selling company on ebay but will now sell the entire GW range of products.

I saw a post by them over at BOLS nearly a month ago about them having a sale and responding to emails quickly. I wanted to know more about this sale because Im always on the lookout for great deals, however I never received any replies from them.
I have sent them 2 emails with 2 weeks in between at the start of last month and another today, so far no replies from them. They have no phone number listed on their website which makes me question their legitimacy.

So has anyone used their web shop? or bought from them on ebay?
Are they just slow on email response because they are building up a new web store?
I would like to try them out since they claim they offer 30% off to regular customers but what you have to do to receive that discount is nowhere to be found on their website. Buy once a month from them for 6 months? Buy for at least 200-500£ a month from them?

For the life of me I cant find their post over at BOLS, if only you could browse the recent comments I could find it in seconds since it was on there just a week ago.

Anyways, anyone got any experience with these guys?
Im looking for a new webstore so I would really like to know more about these guys.
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Richie from Wargamers World

Hi everyone,

I have answered Dan's (MadCowCrazy) forum messages now on the other three forums and at last I have got to this one. I was going to paste in my reply to Dan but he has done so already so I will leave it at what he has pasted in, however I have noticed a couple of issues raised that I wish to address.

The first is slugsung88:
I wouldn't trust this company yet. Give them a few months by that time they might have everything sorted out and if they don't put up a phone number, then you will know if it legit or not. From just their shipping policy alone, I have serious doubt about them. I know I have bad grammar but I can tell that their wording seem somewhat off. It seem that shipping policy from other company are much well written and longer.
I hope that help
I am sorry if my grammer is not up to your Yeats and Shakespearian standards matey :grin: but I am doing a million and one things and that is the same information I used on Ebay for years so I put it in as I never had a problem with it before - but I will look into getting it a bit more in-depth and formal soon. As for not trusting my site, on what basis do you make that assumption? On my grammer? If that is so then by your own estimation you would be Blackbeard himself :biggrin: For the record I use only Paypal, Paypal Express and Google Checkout on my site so all money is 100% guaranteed.

I do not accept cash, po's, giros, cheques etc. I took my phone number down 6 weeks ago as the phone started getting hammered with cold colds and the line needs to be free for other things. I have fixed that problem by putting up a dedicated mobile number.

I also have facebook, and twitter pages on my site that enabled people to contact me but Dan by his own admission does not use either.

I have worked all day today putting up all the other ways to contact me so if anyone would care to check my contact me page to assure themselves that I am in fact a legit seller then here is the link: http://www.wargamersworld.co.uk/contact_us&zenid=30ff48b9eb929a5758928924de2a0c91
Please in future try to gather your thoughts and base your assumption on something a little more concrete before you start damaging the reputation of a perfectly innocent company!

The other comment is from KingOfCheese:

Their website is stupidly slow.
It takes like a minute to open a page.
Im guessing they are on some oversold shared server.

Ill consider looking at them once they invest in a decent VPS or something, so im not waiting forever for their pages to load.
I have no luck it seems with hosts. I moved away from the original designers of my first shop last month because of errors. I now have a package with a company called Host Clear and I paid for their biggest e-commerce package with their largest bandwidth. I paid for a dedicated IP and other backend stuff - all this was supposed to give me a fast site! Which it was until last week when I noticed it start to go slow about 6 times a day - each time for about 30 minutes. I have no cron jobs running and I am supposed to be a on a sparsely populated server with my dedicated IP. However, I believe that this slowness is due to the fact that someone else on that server is sucking out the bandwidth 6 times a day by using automatic cron jobs!!!

So now I am looking for a new host, one that will stick to their advertised word - two hosts so far and both suck - and I did investigate both and came up with a lot of good and a tiny bit of bad. They both looked about the best I could find.

I have tonight had a mate of mine who is a developer strike a deal with another host so within the next 48 hours I am going to be moving to a new host again - this time though I have built the new site so I own the directories etc and they will come with me so no more having to rebuild (I had to rebuild the site from scratch last month because of how badly the Daily Internet designers messed everything up)

So to answer your question, the site should be running like a Ferrari soon.

So I hope this clears up anybodies worries about my site. I am a genuine seller who looks after my customers.

Best wishes
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Hi MidnightSun,
Buddy you are of course correct and I have edited my response. I put that in as tongue and cheek but can see how some people would take it as meant!

Reply to OrkByTheGraceOfGork

Hi OrkByTheGraceOfGork,
I have just read your comments and wanted to say thank you. You hit the nail on the head. I worked hard on ebay for nearly five years, I was a powerseller for most of that time. I probably done over 120,000 sales and I held a 100% positive feedback for 99.99% of the time.

I take pride in looking after my customers as you are all the lifeblood of my company, without customers I would be sitting behind a desk doing finance deals (what I used to do).

I love this industry (being a big kid helps I find :biggrin: and at no stage would I ever think to "scam" anyone!

I would love to see anyone who has bought from me since I set up on my own come on and speak about their experience. I have given everyone who has placed orders with me free items in every order, I have given some free vouchers etc. I am not like the other sellers out there but as I stated earlier come and buy your bits from me and find out for yourself.

Once again thanks buddy.

Best wishes
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Richie from Wargamers World Replying

Hi all,
Wow, MadCow has certainly got me into a hot topic here :biggrin:

Where do I start, well first off thank you all for showing an interest and I will try and answer all your queries in the correct order.

First PanzerPig
Just took a look at the site and seems to be working at a reasonable loading rate for me. Also I think i'll give it a go once boxes are up (need those last few eldar figs). Good luck to them
Okay, I have had a chance to become a fully fledged GW affliate but at this moment in time I have turned that down as I do not like the rules and regulations that come with the contract so as for boxes they may be few and far between I'm afraid.

My site is going to concentrate on plastic and metal bitz (old OOP stuff and new) Specialist games and bitz - so stuff for BB or BFG - from a ball to a figure, a missing card to a playing board. It will also stock evry copy of White Dwarf and I will index them (I have done 8-10 already and nobody on the web has so thoroughly indexed am I have. I will also stock most books/catalouges/codexes, Citadel Journal and Inferno mags - again they will be catalouged and indexed.

The site will also carry both new in blister GW miniatures both 40K and WFB and also a ton of old and OOP figures.

Paints (new and OOP, I have a lot of the old paint still brand new and no it hasn't dried) also a lot of accessories like die,spray,flock, etc and believe me when I say this, all my prices will be amongst the best value you will find anywhere.

I will also carry Ral Partha, Foundry etc. If I could click my fingers and have everything I need to list in the shop then I would have about 30,000 product lines.

I price check everything before putting my price on it and then I knock off a chunk. I am also thinking of offering a "if you find it cheaper anywhere else ((except Ebay Auctions)) then I will beat it" but I need to work out the finer points of that.

So the boxes may be few and far between BUT who knows I may stock up before Christmas.

Next is WizzyWang:
looks pretty good to me and to have the site dude posting on here is also a bonus. When will you be addng the boxed stock? Cheapass bits rock like hell, but full sets is the key to my limited budget :eek:)
Again buddy I will have to look into the feasibility off that but it is something I will look into over the coming months. Thanks for your kind words too. Cheapass bitz, models and lots more is a promise I can make with 100% certainty though :laugh:

Forty Three
ok, since you're answering questions here, might as well put one up.

Any estimate for when you're going to have meltaguns and missile launchers up? I really need some of those and I can never get a hold of them
Ah you will kick me for this but my good buddy Ron from over at "From the Warp" both up all my old Meltaguns a few weeks ago BUT I will check my stock to see if I can find any - I do get new stuff a couple of times a week so you can always email me and I will add you to the wishlist - with the wishj list you get super cheap prices as I do not have to photograph and list it saves me time so you get at cost price! On the Missile Launchers, can you tell me what type? There are some launchers still in the shop just use the search function. Again though let me know and I will contact you as soon as I get them (That's if they are not in stock).

The Boz:
So you had a 99.99% positive feedback... meaning you sent a bobcat instead of a Baneblade to 12 customers. :p
Ah just my luck for one of those 12 to be on here - shush I was hoping the bobcat had caused you to go insane with fury and be to mad or bad to be coherent enough to blacken my name :D

On a more serious note, I may only have had a 4600 feedback but remember I was selling in the days when a customer could buy from you 10 times a month and leave feedback and still all that feedback would only count as 1! Not like today where they all count. Also I find 90% of Ebayers don't bother leaving feedback so the feedback count was always just a fraction of the sales - I could always ask my accountant to tally up the sales over that period to give me an exact count but he would just love that as he bills me per hour :)

Buddy I have pinged you so many emails today my head is spinning - you'd never think I am sitting here snuffling with Flu at this rate :)

I was going to put a quote of your words in buddy but I thought this answer is huge as it is :D so I thought it best to just answer :)
Can I start by saying that I hold no grudges and I thank you for coming back this way. It really means heck of a lot to read what you wrote. I too want to apologise as I got a little snippy myself and I am not usually one to do that so soz for that.
Now on the 30% off, it seems I have confused a lot of people with this but basically it is a bonus for my regular customers - I am working out a way to define a "regular customer" as I was doing it from my head and had no hard rules. I think that needs to change. The discount will be an extra 30% off my prices and my prices will always be at least 30% off GW pirces anyway so in the end a regular customer could get a reduction of 60% off GW RRP. That plus free postage if the order is above £40.
As for the boxes, I do believe my answers above will clear that one up for now
Thanks for coming back matey and yep I do like to think I have the odd funny bone in this here skelly of mine:wacko:

SGM Alice
Thanks for spotting the typos - if you want to earn a £5 voucher to the store fancy emailing me all the typos you can find? Would save me the trouble as I already have a ton of work in front of me?
Also, you will have to forgive me if I don't recognise you but I did sell to a lot but thank you for attesting to my honesty and ebay experience.
Appreciated a lot.

And that is it for now I do believe. I just need to run and check on Modelling-Mayhem as MadCow said they are gone out of biz - I hope not as they were a decent bunch :(

PS: sorry if there are any typo's but I am shattered and my Lemsip is calling my name as is my bed - goodnight y'all.
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Richie from Wargamers World Replying

Hi all,
Just wanted to answer the other peeps who have added to this thread.

I'm very glad you accept my apology...3 cheers!

Ahh 'tis a shame you are not currently carrying any boxes. Please let us know if you ever decided or just have the boxes (hopefully at that current great pricing) as you know I will be one of your regular.
Matey, you are more than welcome - and thanks for accepting mine. Sign up to the store and the newsletter and you will always be kept informed - I am rethinking my stance of GW affiliation today :) It is something I need to have a really hard chat with myself about. No promises mind you but I will look into it again.

I usually just buy from DarkSphere but I usually just get a big set (or few smaller ones) once every 3 months so I wouldnt qualify as the frequent buyer i guess
Bookmark my site buddy as I will not just be selling bitz, at any given time you may find what you need. I have said I do not intend on getting big boxes in just yet but after the discussions on here and other sites I may rethink my stance on becoming a GW affiliate.

As for the discount for frequent buyers - the discount will be for "regular customers" I need to quantify this a little.

I could have one guy come into the store every week and spend £10 and I could have a guy come in once a month and spend £50. Both of these buyers would then be eligible for discounts. The "regular" is when I see that guy come back each month on a steady basis. Also, the amount of discount is going to have to be measured. I cannot give someone spending £5 per week 30% off when a guy coming in once a month that spends twice that gets the same discount. So this I need to look into.

But there will also be other ways to earn bonus on my site and I have already spoke to Dan (MadCowCrazy) about this. In today's market place it is all about keywords and backlinks, SEO and SERPs. So I need people who buy from me to then go back into the site and review the service and more importantly the products. I will be sending free samples of bitz out to buyers to get reviews done on those too.

My aim here is to have my products keyword enriched. I could do this myself but it would mean cutting back on getting products into the store. So I will be giving vouchers for the store to customers who do this. They will be saving me time and increasing my stores visibility at the same time.

This will be the same for anything I sell, from a bit to a book, a model to a blister, a paint pot to a paint brush etc.

As I said my store will be a store with a difference and the difference is you guys will always come first. I have done this now for over five years (most on ebay granted) but it is still 5 years selling and running a store experience, so this is no fly by night promise. I set out five years ago to offer value for money and I have always achieved that - today's site is no different. So the more you guys get involved the more I give back to you.

I really think its awesome that somebody running a business cares enough to come onto forums to answer questions and stuff. That alone would be enough to convince me to give it a go...if I had moneys Definitely going to bookmark the site for those rare times I do though!
Hi matey, thank you. This is great, I absolutely love being able to talk to pople who are as passionate about WH as I am. I may run a site but I am still first and foremost a dedicated fan of all things WH :biggrin: Little wifey doesn't understand it:crazy: but you guys & gals do.

When I do get something in that you want then send me a message and I will do you a great deal , meaning I will keep it rock bottom to save you pennies :)

Okay, I do believe that is everything, I am going over to the site now to start putting some more SM stuff in, then some CM and then I will do a detour and start on the Ogre Kingdoms or The Empire bitz.

As soon as the bitz are all done, I will start on the mini's themselves.

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Richie from Wargamers World Replying

Hi MidnightSun,

Are you seriously gonna be stocking stuff for Necromunda, Space Hulk, Gorkamorka and... dare I say it... sniff... Warhammer Quest?

And will there eventually be any Necron Bitz? I really want some Monolith bits...

Oh buddy are you going to love my site when I have it up to full capacity. I will be stocking every old game GW ever brought out, as and when I have the stock of course but I will also have the bitz section for all the games too so if you have or buy a game and it's missing some cards or figures then my store will be the place to come and find the missing parts cheap.

I have stock for a lot of the games, just need to get them on but I have so much to list. What is stopping me again is my host. The site is playing up something silly with the slowness and I am talking to a new host who specialises in e-commerce sites and will give me a good deal on a dedicated IP & server or in the very least VPS. They are ringing me tomorrow with their offer and suggestions.

So once all that is done (hopefully tomorrow) then I will hit the product listing full time.

So again, bookmark the site, it may be empty now but come Christmas it will look a lot different and stocked a bit more (understatement I hope) :biggrin:

Goodnight all.

Best wishes
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A quick query

Hi guys - sorry I am taking this topic off as everything has been fixed :)
Oh man, I really do need some Necromunda bits. Oh, and Necron bits but they're slightly less important. And finally, original Space Hulk!

Hooray for OOP Games! Hooray for Richie! Hooray for Wargamersworld!

Hooray for peeps like you matey :biggrin:

Okay buddy, I am doing fantasy Ogre Kingdoms bitz now - then I will move onto Tyranid bitz, then I will look to either do original Space Hulk or Necro :grin:

I have slowed down on the products while I fixed the speed issues (not entirely fixed but a lot better) also fixing some other things but as of now I am doing nothing but products :hang1:

Speak soon

Hi all,
Glad your stuff turned up in good time and condition - the postage problem? The one I brought to your attention :biggrin: Glad to be of service buddy.
Now as for the sold out - this will happen constantly to bitz, especially the more popular bitz but I am constantly getting new stock so they will be in stock one day out of stock the next and back in again :) I was going to de-list any stock that went out of order but there is a massive problem to doing this. All stores online need keywords for search standings and having these items even when out of stock helps with the SERP's (the search standing of your store) so if I take the sold out items off the site I start losing my precious standings and as a new store they are crucial.
As I said though, the stock will constantly change and you can always email me what you need and as soon as I have the stock you will get an email :biggrin:
Reply for Wargamers World

Hi Dan,
no problem on the price matching - sorry I didn't beat it but when it gets down to 10p there is not much room to go lower but I am sending you a gift certificate for your next order :biggrin:

Speak soon
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