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Anyone used Wargamersworld to buy stuff?

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I recently came across this site : http://www.wargamersworld.co.uk/
They basically say they have been an ebay business for over 2 years and are now expanding with a webshop and larger assortment of products.
From what I understand they were a bits selling company on ebay but will now sell the entire GW range of products.

I saw a post by them over at BOLS nearly a month ago about them having a sale and responding to emails quickly. I wanted to know more about this sale because Im always on the lookout for great deals, however I never received any replies from them.
I have sent them 2 emails with 2 weeks in between at the start of last month and another today, so far no replies from them. They have no phone number listed on their website which makes me question their legitimacy.

So has anyone used their web shop? or bought from them on ebay?
Are they just slow on email response because they are building up a new web store?
I would like to try them out since they claim they offer 30% off to regular customers but what you have to do to receive that discount is nowhere to be found on their website. Buy once a month from them for 6 months? Buy for at least 200-500£ a month from them?

For the life of me I cant find their post over at BOLS, if only you could browse the recent comments I could find it in seconds since it was on there just a week ago.

Anyways, anyone got any experience with these guys?
Im looking for a new webstore so I would really like to know more about these guys.
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I have now been in contact with the guy who runs the site. It seems my email was lost when he moved the server to a new host and new IP.
He bought a website template from a webdeveloper but the code was really bad and they refused to allow him to change the code so he has had to start from scratch building his own website. This is the reason not everything is on there yet.

Here is what he wrote to me :
The move has been a disaster, I have the flu and still working 18 hour days trying to get my site back in order.

As for contacting me. My name and address are on the screen as is the facebook account and the twitter account. I will be putting everything else on once I sort out the more important stuff.

Now for regular customers, this is purely down to me. There are no hard and fast rules as to what qaulifies you but if I was to say what I would class as "regular" is someone who NOT just buys each week but who gets on the blog or forum (I will be putting a forum back into the store soon too), someone who takes an interest and an order every few weeks (I will be loading 1000's of products per week) so I would expect to see the same buyer back on a regular time pattern - every week, every 2 weeks etc.

Also, you will find that I am not like the other stores out there. I price check all my goods against the top 5 competitors and I then cut a minimun of 25% off their prices. I have been a gamer since the late seventies and I like to look after my fellow players.
You will find that I give free bitz (once I get to know what you like you start getting freebies in each order) I am going to get some customers to add some testimonies to the site. I also send out gift vouchers etc - so when I ask my customers to leave some testimonies I will give them a surprise voucher (I will not tell them they get one if they leave comments as that would colour what they say, I want honesty and not paid for propaganda). Once you read the testimonies I think you will never ever question my integrity again!

This is my first go at a website, I opened it 6 months ago but bought a ready made template through a bunch of developers but the coding was terrible and they would not fix it or give me access to fix it - hence all the upheavel this past month/ 6 weeks. I use to sell on Ebay under the name epicwargames08 - I was a powerseller with a 100% positive feedback over a 4 year period but I had a death back home that shook me to the core and I had to go back instantly that was September 2009 in the preceding month and a half I picked up 4 negs and 4 nuets for non delivery. I explained to everyone (I could access the site from home but was back in Ireland and refunded money to everyone and as soon a i got back I sent what orders I could.

So if you want to see what kind of seller I am look at my user name on ebay. I shut that account after those negs as my heart was gone.

So here I am now running my own website but have also opened a new ebay account am and thinking of also selling on there too again.
It seems pretty solid to me though he has his hands full at the moment trying to get everything sorted.
He is adding to the store every week so I would expect most of it to be sorted before the end of the year :D
As the website is rather new he hasnt added everything to the store yet but it seems to be moving along quite nicely.

Got a reply over at DakkaDakka
Bat Manuel said:
I've ordered from them before with no problems...now if they would just stock up on the stuff I need now...
Im going to give this shop a try and report back my experience.
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So you had a 99.99% positive feedback... meaning you sent a bobcat instead of a Baneblade to 12 customers. :p
I can actually explain this one as he explained it to me in one of his emails.
Basically he had a tragedy in his family and because of this took a break from the ebay business for a month and a half. This caused him to get 4 negs and 4 nuets for non delivery.

He shut down the ebay store for a time but is now back and this time he wants to have a webstore as well as an ebay store.
As he has just started from scratch some problems can be expected, same thing happened to modelling-mayhem when they first launched but they have now gone out of business. I hope this doesnt happen to this guy as the prices do agree with my wallet. Im just a bit bummed the site isnt complete RIGHT NOW because I do have some battle forces and other stuff Id like to buy.
I do have high hopes it will be up and running by the time DE comes out since Im going to be collecting them.

As for now I have placed an order for 55cadian helmets and some other bits, Im making a zombie IG regiment since my Inquisitor will be from the Sepulturum branch.
I will let you guys know how it all works out, my order number was 8 :D
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I got my bits yesterday, no problems at all and I received all of them. So no problems at all ordering bits and receiving them. There was a postage cost problem but that has been sorted. So all that is needed is more products on the site and it should be really good.
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