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Nice! I might have to check that out.
I saw a really cool writerup for Juicers (from the Rifts RPG, arguably the most cyberpunk glass in that whole game...running around jacked up on combat drugs with a 5 year life expectancy is punk as fuck) where the guy used those drug rules for the basis.

Meanwhile, the existing rules are pretty goddamned vague, so we assumed splatgun rounds were basically inhaled. Hit the target anywhere and they get a puff of sleep gas. Cheap, reasonably effective. Not much good against sealed armor, people wearing breathers or running off cybernetic air.

Anyway, I'm pretty optimistic about the group.
Our only solo is a Sniper with no up close skills (maybe a few ranks in handgun, but last I checked, no melee/hth skills), which is kinda lame, but the dog is an up close monster, and the flying missile pod should be very useful. For everything else there's the debuff guns.
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