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anyone near bordertown australia ?

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Ok im the only table top gamer i knw of in my area, my army (guardsmen) needs a booster shot of tank fuelled strength and i have no more codex ! ... Help?
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I know of 3 players in Bordertown.
One plays Dark Angels, and i think the other two play Imperial Guard and Eldar.
Im not sure if you are the Imperial Guard player that im thinking of or not.

Highly recommend the Naracoorte Wargaming Club.
The numbers may not be huge, but there is a fairly friendly atmosphere.
One of the Bordertown players has travelled to Naracoorte to play a few weeks ago.
If your interested, i might be able to give you his phone number.

EDIT: Actually, give me your phone number and i can give you a call if you want.

Send it via Private Message.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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