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Anyone know any fluff on Iron warriors

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Id like to know some stuff about about them like they are masters of seige,but any other things?
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wait what i thought dorn died inside of collapsed daemon possed fortress. made by the iron warriors
No he wasn't.

He was killed by Chaos Space Marines during the 1st Black Crusade whilst holding an enemy battleship's bridge.
He died preventing the 1st Black Crusade from even making it past the Cadian Gate.

Now Fulgrim- he died like a little bitch.
ouch right through the heart!
no remorse from that last comment.
the reason i posted that died like a bitch comment is because my cousin is a die hard Iron warriors player. 10 year veteran of the game and reads fluff, so im sure he is mad that puterbo didnt have the opportunity to grasp dorns neck and strangle him to death. i kinda have carried that grudge with me aswell.
The reason for my comment about Fulgrim is that he died like a little bitch...

Gave his body to a daemon, didn't even have enough strength of character to commit suicide.
The Iron Warriors are probably the most powerful of the remaining Chaos Legions, with untold quantities of materiel and at least one thousand additional cloned marines. The problem is, Perturabo has effectively given up; Medrengard is literally impenetrable, and he's not striking out at the Imperium. Either he's grown tired of trying to get revenge on the Imperium, or just wants to be left alone.

A large portion of the Iron Warriors didn't like this idea, and have struck out on their own forming large warbands. Unfortunately due to their inherent distrust and paranoia, none of them can trust the other; only Perturabo has the clout to unite the entire Legion. As such the Iron Warriors are only scattered thorns in the Imperium's hide.
You mean most powerful Legion other than the Black Legion and, possibly, the Word Bearers?
If you count cultists, allied Traitor Guard and daemon hordes then yes, the IW are quickly outstripped. In terms of actual Marines and equipment the IW are far better off.
In terms of Chaos Space Marines the Black Legion is the largest and most powerful Legion many times over, the Word Bearers are a large Legion (though obviously not as large as at pre-Heresy times) and the BL outnumber them 10:1.
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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