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Anyone know any fluff on Iron warriors

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Id like to know some stuff about about them like they are masters of seige,but any other things?
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The Iron Warriors and the Imperial Fists were very competitve when before the heresy. Perturabo's special ability that made him stand out beyond the other primarchs was his overwhelming siege tactics, his cold hearted logic, andhis genius in technology which was second to none.

The Imperial Fists were the more loveable legion so they got more attention while the Iron Warriors got shitty jobs like have the long gruelling sieges as well as the task of baby sitting imperial planets and splitting their legion into bits and yet still remaining loyal to the Emperor.

Perturabo (the Iron Warrior Primarch) was told by Horus that his world had rebelled. This set Perturabo over the edge as he tried to make himself and his legion the most loyal legion by doing all those stupid chores, and now his planet was the only planet in which a primarch was from that had rebelled. He returned to his planet with a cold hearted vegence and killed millions in his genocide. After this, his legion and himself had finally been broken down with grieve and hatred to its fullest. They were basically tired with trying to please the emperor so they joined Horus.

Perturabo isn't really talked about much in the Heresy so far. But after, he tricked Rogal Dorn into the "Iron Cage" incident in which had his final victory to prove he was better than him. Rogal Dorn and the rest of his Imperial Fists were saved from anihilation from an ultramarines fleet that rescued them. This left Dorn a broken man.

The Iron Warriors retreated to the eye differently than most chaos legions. Because they were legions that liked to fortify they seemed to fight for their planets before they were destroyed. Olympia for example took two years to destroy. But slowly and slowly they had been pushed off the Imperium. They still have many worlds but their main planet is Medrengard. Peturabo was elevated to daemon prince after kicking Dorn's ass and sits on his thrown filled with hatred with himself.

Books: I was personally pretty disapointed at how Graham McNeill ended Honsou's journey. But I guess they did a lot with only 400 actual Iron Warriors. The Chapter's Due was the dumbest thing I ever read. But Storm of Iron, Dead Sky, Black Sun (without the stupid Ultramarine Ending), and Iron Warrior were good books.
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Well at least his possessed form killed more primarchs than any of the other primarchs. I give him kudos for that. But it is too bad that he is the only primarch to have given his soul to a daemon rather than rule himself as a daemon prince.
I don't know if the Word Bearers really have the same amount of number as they did before the heresy. In Dark Creed they lost an incredible amount of geneseed without extracting it. And they have been more involved with the Crusades as they will be more than the Iron Warriors. In fact in the current Black Crusade, they basically tolled out. So it would be interesting to know how much the Word Bearers have lost.
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