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Anyone know any fluff on Iron warriors

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Id like to know some stuff about about them like they are masters of seige,but any other things?
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Read "Dead Sun Black Sky" and "Storm of Iron". Both are good stories, and both give an inside view on the workings of the Iron Warriors (main villain in DSBS is an underling in SoI). They're prideful siege specialists, who have a long standing hatred of Rogal Dorn and his progeny. Iron Warriors will not hesitate to fight the sons of Dorn unless they have some secret agenda they need to meet. In Storm of Iron, they get to fight some Imp Fists, but the golden marines of Dorn are few and young, compared to the Iron Warriors...
One thing I'd like to point out... If I recall correctly, more than the other legions, the Iron Warriors make use of titans. Warlord Titans. The one in Storm of Iron is described as having spires and bastions on its shoulders. Not just ramparts, bastions. Fortified towers and bunkers, possibly each shoulder holding a city block of war structures. What I'm getting at here is that, most of the other legions don't even have access to these ancient war machines, but in Dead Sun Black Sky, the Iron Warriors (opposing factions) are fighting each other with not just artillery and such, but massive warlord (I believe) titans that are... not lobbing bombs at each other... not sniping each other. No, they're punching each other in the face. The Adeptus Mechanicus would consider pitting a warlord titan into close combat to be a terrible waste of resources, as would the dark mechanicus pledged to Chaos. I have not heard of any other legion having the disposable resources to hurl warlords at each other. So, in short, it should be considered that, if Perturabo ever came out of his impregnable fortress, and united the Iron Warriors, they'd be a force to reckon with, regardless of which Chaos legion has the most marines, cultists or indentured soldiers.
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