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Any update on Necromunda release?

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I LOVE Necromunda. I still have my Escher gang from when I was in 7th grade. I am excited about it being released again. Any update on when that's suppose to be?
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Blood Bowl and Lost Patrol this year maybe. No word on Necromunda that I've read.
Damn. I thought it was the first one being released :( I did see Lost Patrol is coming out this summer. I like Blood Bowl as well, but I don't think I have my Skaven team anymore. I'm not trying to drop $150-200 getting another gang so hopefully I can find some players in the area that have gangs still.
If you are a fan of Necromunda or Fallout then you will love this game. Watching these videos got me hooked and I've backed the Kickstarter. If you have a Necromunda gang and some scenery then download the demo rules and you are good to go! :grin:
Thanks Vulkan! I have never heard of it, but I backed it to get the hardback rule book. I look forward to trying out the rules with my gang.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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