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HE BSB's have some of the best banners in the game, but if you take one your BSB wont survive the first round of combat. Still a lot of people run with a banner of the world dragon so that magic cant affect their deathstar unit (especially if they have Teclis in there)...

Personally I think the best thing to give a BSB is the armour of stars, its hillarious. Just when the enemy think they have got you caught you jump out of combat and are still close enough to give Ld re-rolls (and if you didnt charge then you have the next turn to get back into a unit). Plus its great in a challenge- challenge a chaos lord on dragon, you git first (even with a great weapon) and do a little damage then get hit, take a wound and teleport out of combat. This is even nastier if you have a lore of life mage as you can give the BSB his wound back so he can teleport again.
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