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Basically the idea is everyone post a 500pt list with fluff, just to see what people come up with and to help me as a basis of my own army.

Here is what I have:

Imperial Fist


Troops-10*Tac Marines w/ meltagun, missile, rhino-210pts
Troops-5*Scouts w/ 4*sniper, missile, cloaks-100pts

Fast-Speeder w/ assaualt cannon-90pts

Librarian Thull, a man know to work with cold logic, has been tasked by non other then Vladimir Pugh, the current chapter master, to help the cadian 116th in purging the ork menace from Octavo. Thull has started a campaign of ambushes and sabotage to destroy the orks morale before then even have a chance to fight back. Sargent Daiman's scouts have been successful in sniping ork warbosses, sowing confusion in the orks ranks. Sargent Pedro's Tactical marines have been used by Thull to lure orks into open ground, so that they are cut down by Speeder Misery, which lies in wait in woods.

So what can you come up with?

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My Army is about 750 and its based around termies#


Lysander/Chapter Master with lightning claws (if i'm bored)

5xAssualt Terminators TH/SS

5x scouts with boltguns

5x scouts with snipers

I know you wanted 500pts but i really just couldn't get rid of anything

First Captain Lysander Of The Imperial Fists has been sent to cleanse the Planet Of Platon 11 of its daemonic possession. He has taken his chosen body guards and some scouts on a spy mission to see if they can cause some damage. Unfortunately the party was intercepted as Tzeetch has foretold of his arrival. Daemon Spawn arrive from the darkness and Lysander and co is soon surrounded but this is no trouble for Lysander as he did break out of the Chaos Fortress in The Eye Of Terror with his Bare hands. Standing Back To Back With his warriors he fought amongst his Brothers like a starved Bear Smash and crashing with his Thunder hammer. Any Normal man would of died many times over but Lysander was no Ordinary man and so by nightfall he stood on a mound of mutated daemon flesh and cried a challenge to any that would face him no one would as the creatures were all either dead or hiding in bushes fleeing for there lives. The Survivors of his squad limped and stumbled to there leader and basked in his greatness. Then there was a rumble from above as Thunder Hawk Gunships Packed To The Brim With Space Marines flew from the sky It was a truly amazing sight.

Hope You Liked it :victory:

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"Cardal Jakrin" Master of the forge + Conversion beamer


5 man scout squad + 3 sniper rifles + rocket launcher + 4 camo cloaks + Scout sergeant Akari (count-as Telion)

5 man scout squad + 4 sniper rifles + rocket launcher + 5 camo cloaks

Heavy support:

"Deliverance" Vindicator + siege shield

Total: 495 pts

The Orks gathered round an ammo store. They had enough 'gunz' and 'tankz' to take 'da big humie citee'. The were ready for a big Waaaagh! Warboss Skullcrusha shouted for his mob to be silent. He was to give a speech, well, as much of a speech as an Ork warboss can give. He went to open his mouth, and a single explosive bolt crashed into his open mouth, followed by two more swift shots to the upper torso area. A split second later, the Ork warbosses head and torso exploded in a shower of gore. Two rocket streamed through the air and struck the side of two 'trukks' igniting their fuel tanks and turning them into glorious fireballs.

The orks howled in confusion, grabbing there weapons to fight an enemy they couldn't see. Seven dull taps echoed lightly as silenced guns killed seven more orks. The green-skins howled a challenge, and for a moment, there was silence. Then, a great cacophony of noise as a high calibre explosive shell decimated a dozen orks. A dull hum could be heard, and moments later a beam of phantom energy reduced another 'trukk' to molten slag. More shots, more rockets, more beams of light, more dead orks. Then finally silence. Out of the darkness stepped Akari, his scouts following behind their tutor. "Clean kills, one and all" the veteran sergeant said out-loud. Another more metallic voice spoke "Indeed, well done. The Shadow Captain himself would be pleased." It was the voice of Cardal, a veteran of the Third Company of the Raven Guard, and the Master of the Forge for Shadow Captain Shrike himself.
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