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Anticipation can lead to disappointment: New Codices

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This is not a judgment on the imminent release (tomorrow -- woohoo) of the Orks, just an idea for a discussion point.

I am a big Ork fan & player, but trepidation resulting from previous 'dex releases that I have been waiting for (BAs for example) have me girding loins for disappointment, from this one.

I know that it is a case for "wait until you get your hands on it", but the rumours/ sneaks and official GW releases have me confused as to how I should feel.

Modelling; I think that I'm going to love ----- Gaming; I'm not so sure.
I'll have a better opinion once I've tried it out - obviously.

Scarpia is vehemently opposed to this one, and I've seen others that have changed their gaming lives because of one Codex change in their favourite army or an opponents.

But will this release have me running for the hills screaming "NERF!"??
I doubt it, but I may be unhappy.
Why should I be unhappy? after all it is a dynamic, absorbing game that naturally evolves/devolves.

Am I wrong to take this attitude, how do others feel or cope?

"Red Wunz go Fasta!!!"
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the problm with the new chaos codex is that it goes against so much of the fluff, havocs with the icon of khorne anyone khorne is for close combat,
Uh, no. Khorne is about mastery of all forms of combat - ranged, close, orbital bombardment, etc.

The whole close combat thing is really comparatively new. Khorne is the new book is much more in keeping with the fluff than it was in the 3.0 or 3.5 books.

The Choppa rule was silly and it was a save modifier in a game that had otherwise gotten rid of them. It makes sense to get rid of it. Besides, point for point, Orks are better against Marines now than they used to be.

I don't agree 100% with the changes (generic demons irks me), but overall they're on the right track.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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