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Anticipation can lead to disappointment: New Codices

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This is not a judgment on the imminent release (tomorrow -- woohoo) of the Orks, just an idea for a discussion point.

I am a big Ork fan & player, but trepidation resulting from previous 'dex releases that I have been waiting for (BAs for example) have me girding loins for disappointment, from this one.

I know that it is a case for "wait until you get your hands on it", but the rumours/ sneaks and official GW releases have me confused as to how I should feel.

Modelling; I think that I'm going to love ----- Gaming; I'm not so sure.
I'll have a better opinion once I've tried it out - obviously.

Scarpia is vehemently opposed to this one, and I've seen others that have changed their gaming lives because of one Codex change in their favourite army or an opponents.

But will this release have me running for the hills screaming "NERF!"??
I doubt it, but I may be unhappy.
Why should I be unhappy? after all it is a dynamic, absorbing game that naturally evolves/devolves.

Am I wrong to take this attitude, how do others feel or cope?

"Red Wunz go Fasta!!!"
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I couldn’t bring myself to make an army with the old codex. It was filth.

I know I'm passionately opposed to Jervis Johnson and his inability to see things from a gamer's point of view. The Choppa was iconic to the Ork dex. It allowed Orks to take on Terminators, CSM, and Tyranid Hive Tyrants. Then all the beakie players got up and whined at the same time "Whaa! My Terminators got killed by a 80-point Ork unit! Make it stop, Mr Jervis!"

And he took away the choppa rule.


As to the chaos dex', the old one was much better. It was laid out better, had more choices, and just in general was a better dex. It had more fluff, models, and the Legion rules. Not the crap-O rules we have now for "Renegade warbands."

Sorry Jervis. I don't want a bunch of pO'd Space Marines, I want the Death Guard. The Word Bearers. For god's sake, man! The Demon rules!

I don't care that the new shiny Demon dex is coming out. For me, it's a 22$ waste of my life. I flatly use the new dex' at Tourney and when the GW staffers can see me. Otherwise, my Bloodletters and Demonettes are in support of my Black Apostle, and his Accursed Crozius.

Lesser demons. There are differences in the types. Moron.

The man should be impeached. Or perhaps explain to all the resentful gamers (some of the most loyal people I've ever met) why he chose to destroy the game we love.

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Uh, no again. Khorne dislikes ranged combat for brutal hand-to-hand, as seen by the Khorne Berzerkers. Not Khorne Shooty Berzerkers. Chainaxes.

Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows.

I'll not dignify that Choppa statement with a response. Eh. I don't want this to become a war, so this is it for me.

I just think that they took so much character out of the codexes to streamline rules they forgot what the armies are really about.
I've decided to skip my previous pledge not to post here anymore.

I don't think GW could afford to crush the SM codex. The only real changes are going to be cheaper transports, Combat Squads, 5 or 10 man squads, and limited options for sergeants. That last one crushes me. All my sergeants were modeled after what I gave them, as individuals. Now it's like: SM Sergeant. Power Weapon. Plasma Pistol. Hooray.

Frankly, I think that they're desperately trying to get people to buy more models. I took a look at the annual report GW sends out, and they're rapidly approaching rock bottom, despite the ridiculous cost of 10 oz of plastic. We all know the packaging is 90% of what they're selling us....

Think about it. Orks go down in points. Transports go down in points. You can ONLY use 5 or 10 man squads. Apocalypse. (possibly) Planetstrike. It's all a scam to buy more models to dig GW out of their overpriced hole. I've always been a stern supporter off GW, but as soon as I saw the Eldar dex', I ran for the hills with the old dexes..I only buy off Ebay now. I think the point I'm trying to make is that GW is "streamlining" WH40K for two reasons.

1. They are a company. They want to make money.

2. GW is the ONLY place to buy WH40K minis sanctioned by GW. Pretty much, they have a monopoly on it. If they were to raise prices to cruel, I'm sure people would still play. It's a seller's market, but it does have some cracks in it. Like Ebay.

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