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Anticipation can lead to disappointment: New Codices

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This is not a judgment on the imminent release (tomorrow -- woohoo) of the Orks, just an idea for a discussion point.

I am a big Ork fan & player, but trepidation resulting from previous 'dex releases that I have been waiting for (BAs for example) have me girding loins for disappointment, from this one.

I know that it is a case for "wait until you get your hands on it", but the rumours/ sneaks and official GW releases have me confused as to how I should feel.

Modelling; I think that I'm going to love ----- Gaming; I'm not so sure.
I'll have a better opinion once I've tried it out - obviously.

Scarpia is vehemently opposed to this one, and I've seen others that have changed their gaming lives because of one Codex change in their favourite army or an opponents.

But will this release have me running for the hills screaming "NERF!"??
I doubt it, but I may be unhappy.
Why should I be unhappy? after all it is a dynamic, absorbing game that naturally evolves/devolves.

Am I wrong to take this attitude, how do others feel or cope?

"Red Wunz go Fasta!!!"
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The thing that annoys me the most about the new codices is the way they're laid out. I'm sick of having two different sections of rules for every model and having to flip between them.

I also like how stormboyz have the waagh special rule at the beginning of the book and not at the end. Obviously they weren't meant to have it, if you think about it, but it sure will cause a lot of confusion.
>> The way the options for models weapons is far better than the old ones. The options are there below the unit/character etc, no more having to jump between pages to get points, or look what they can have. I find having full rules seperate from army list section gives the chance to put more info/background in about units. Just my opinion though, so dont come at me shoutin'.
You disagreed with me on an internet message board about a modeling game? You, sir, have crossed a line. Be prepared to have fifty threads made about you with your name misspelled in humiliating ways.:p

I find that it involves far more flipping back and forth. Having all the points costs in one section is well and good but I like to know what it is that I'm paying for. I suppose it would be convenient if I had all the special rules for all the units and equipment memorized already, which I do for my main army, but I like reading all the codices.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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