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Anticipation can lead to disappointment: New Codices

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This is not a judgment on the imminent release (tomorrow -- woohoo) of the Orks, just an idea for a discussion point.

I am a big Ork fan & player, but trepidation resulting from previous 'dex releases that I have been waiting for (BAs for example) have me girding loins for disappointment, from this one.

I know that it is a case for "wait until you get your hands on it", but the rumours/ sneaks and official GW releases have me confused as to how I should feel.

Modelling; I think that I'm going to love ----- Gaming; I'm not so sure.
I'll have a better opinion once I've tried it out - obviously.

Scarpia is vehemently opposed to this one, and I've seen others that have changed their gaming lives because of one Codex change in their favourite army or an opponents.

But will this release have me running for the hills screaming "NERF!"??
I doubt it, but I may be unhappy.
Why should I be unhappy? after all it is a dynamic, absorbing game that naturally evolves/devolves.

Am I wrong to take this attitude, how do others feel or cope?

"Red Wunz go Fasta!!!"
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Thanx Someguy, that gives me hope for this Codex.

Sorry, what I intended for the thread was that I (or anyone) could get upset with the release of any new 'dex; and stop playing that army etc.
That I was even thinking about the possibility (due to anticipation) got me wondering about others experiences, good & bad.

Like a much-hyped film/sequel ........

You mentioned the CSM Codex; How did that affect you? In hobby-terms.

This new codex is definately bringing with it a new orky flavor in a lot of little ways which I think will leave gamers happy for once with a new codex.
So you don't consider the balance of this one is wrong or uber-charged?

Spoken like a true opponent:wink:

I think generally, they (GW) are levelling everyones 'dex out, so that should make less people upset .... shouldn't it?
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Hoorah! Got the new 'dex - I'm still green!

On the whole, I'm a happy bunny. Definitely not overpowered (toned down, yes; but maintained and improved the Orky flavour IMHO)

The anticipation was misplaced though, I had thought I might have to completely change my style and choices ... but I'll only do it to include some very nice tweaks (unpredictable, but fun).
The biggest influence was probably reading all the fluff (OK, again in most instances, but..)
It will be a hit n miss gaming army, so I can see Tourney players avoiding this like the plague.
But it is Orky .... campaign players are going to carry on as normal .. probably with a bit more fun. Having RT style Orks is back in fashion. The loss of the choppa is lamentable, but to be honest..... right, in the new scheme of things. Then again, we have the Shokk & sWeirdboyz (both capable of polar performances) and stormboyz dying on arrival (Vroom, splat!) etc.

The discussion so far has been great. It has made me evaluate what I really want from the hobby, I beleive that will be ... fun. What better than to choose this incarnation of the Orks! (for me), bring on the defeats and humiliation... to quote from the 'dex.... It's not da winnin'..it's da fightin' dats da fing!

What is being put across here is still mixed, but in favour of adaptation rather than abandoning. I'm "warmed" by that.. I haven't got my reactions wrong (not to say the other is), I just can live with the changes.. I think.

From the sounds of the discussions I also feel quite lucky (compared to the Chaos guys), but that is probably just that I expected the Orks to be "Quirky".

I've been up against the new Chaos .. they are still nasty. I hope to adapt and give them a run for their money with my Orks, still.
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Anticipation for new codices is being somewhat alleviated by early leaked details and information. However in someways it just makes the over-reactions worse.
What were you expecting? (with the leaks etc).

I take it that, like myself, any enemy Codex release has you thinking that you're going to get creamed every time... for your own releases, you're expecting to be "Nerfed".

Your experiences so far are a great feedback from an opponents point of view, have you changed expectations about most Codices from the lead-up, or waited until you have seen them in action?

For the Ork You like the feel but still consider them overdone, with what can be done for an army... hhhmmmm.... I haven't done the mathammer yet, but I would agree with both you and WraithLord.
Until I can loose my legendary dice skills (Ha!) to take full advantage of the BS2 & LD7 etc to confirm or deny... I'll have to reserve judgement on that point.
Orks look like they're going to be very well received. It has been able to expand on the contents of the last codex (much like the Tyranid book) and enliven the whole army.

Chaos and the Dark angel book did the opposite and thus were much less well received. They did little to expand the rules and options from their previous books. The restrictions were what stood out and so opinion about them was low.
Hhhmmmm, I hadn't thought about the DA and Tyranid codices in that respect.
My BA redux thoughts were similar to the DA in your experience, it has been commented that the SM approaches appears to be planned along the same lines....... I suppose that future SM releases will now become more trepidation than anticipation from now on.
We will have to learn to relax and "Wait-Out" until all the 'dexes have been done (and the "Old Guard" move on) to fully see the individual effects on "Our" armies.
After having the chance to really study the ork book I think there are some issues with it. I do like it, but the units are not balanced.
Yes, things are not balanced, but they are orky.
As you say, the elites examples definitely put a bias on the lootas, but their high costs should be prohibitive (I wouldn't want to invest in 3x mobs that could run away at the drop of a squig). I think that should sufficiently satisfy the balance for reported potency of the weapons themselves. The others have the challenge of getting them to the right target to offset their uber-potency, IMHO (should they make it). 45x power weapon attacks on the charge, ? 15ish rokkits heading for your tanks (the low BS also offsets).

Again the balance is their with the inherent unpredictability; weapons that have as much chance of destroying the bearer as it does of insta-killing ICs. Half the time dependant on the actual chances of rolling a hit.

Sorry, I'm heading off topic.

Now that you have digested the 'dex a bit (bar the probs you have seen) has it changed your opinion, from pre-release, first sight and then digestion?

Mine, (to re-cap) has been Oh no!:dunno:, Nice! :biggrin:and then woohoo!:chuffed:
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