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This is my first list which is based off of advice given to me in an earlier list:

Captain Tycho: 175 Pts
(Non-Death Company)

Furioso Dreadnought: 135 Pts
Blood Talons
Heavy Flamer

Terminator Assault Squad: 205 Pts
Lightning Claws
Sergeant: Thunder Hammer

Assault Squad Anjelo: 225 Pts
10 Space Marines with Jump Packs
Hand Flamer
Sergeant: Power Weapon, Hand Flamer

Assault Squad Costanzo: 105 Pts
10 Space Marines
Sergeant: Lightning Claw

Assault Squad Salvatore: 205 Pts
10 Space Marines
Sergeant: Power Weapon
Rhino: 20 Pts
(Contains Assault Squad Costanzo)

Drop Pod: 35 Pts
(Contains Furioso Dread)

Land Raider Redeemer: 225 Pts
(Contains Tycho and Assault Squad Salvatore)

Baal Predator: 140 Pts
Flamestorm Cannon
Heavy Flamers

Total: 1470

What do you think?

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What did those big ugly mushrooms ever do to you? :ireful2: lol, kidding, they will eat your face if you dont skillet them and throw 'em on a steak first. Before anything else, id say edit your list and put sqds, transports, ICs etc together that belong together, its was alittle confusing at first reading this list. but thats just me.

I think your list is headed in the right direction starting with the right leader for the job, but there are some things i see that could be helped.

Is there a particular persons list you want to obliterate (boyz heavy kind of list) ? or just orks in general? reason i ask is because against a greed tide (goffs) yes, you will most likely do pretty well (i myself would find this list hard because i run a *edit - ork*boy heavy list. im not a priest, but i edited it anyway to keep the jokes to a minimum you sick minded angry mob, lol.) but keep in mind even orks have some heavy armour, wicked weaponry and of course lots of little fungi running around.
None of your sqds have PFs or MBs exceptpt the lonely TH/SS in the termie sqd. If a walker ties up a sqd, there is little you will be able to do for them. I would suggest either adding some MBs, or giving atleast a few sqds some PFs. Also, you might want to find some points and get more flamers in the sqds. i just spent yesterday starring down 150+ ork boys, and even with flamers in 90% of my sqds, i still could not throw enough dice to get rid of the little green bastards. Lastly, your alittle shy on some heavy weaponry. Orks have no problems loading down with battlewagons, kans, dreads and bikers.

Happy hunting!
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